Monday, October 24, 2011

Tackling the East Side of the Ranch

Two and a half years ago, I didn't know that Patti existed and, up until six months ago, I didn't know that Leah was around either but there I was around 4:00 a.m. on Saturday preparing to rendezvous with Patti, Leah, et al. before heading to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

Once we hit Arkansas, we didn't waste much time before heading out to climb and after climbing, we set up camp, ate dinner, sat around, chatted and read. At seven something, I crawled into the tent and listened to my peeps talk about satellites and shooting stars.

Patti wanted me to take a look but I told her that I could see the stars from a crack in the tent but she wasn't satisfied and harassed me until I came out to witness the beautifulness of it all. She pointed out The Milky Way and a satellite while Mike told us about the A-Train satellite constellation.

Around 10, it started to rain and Patti abandoned the tent. I, in all honesty, was too sore to move. I took a look around and didn't see any rain coming in and continued with my tossing and turning.

The next day, we made our way to the Cliffs of Insanity, a trek that is definitely a reminder that no one needs a gym.

On our way back to The Lou, Patti said: I can't wait to get home to...

Me: ....slip into something fresh???

Patti: To slip into a shower.

As I walked toward my house, I felt a stinging sensation. I knew, without a doubt, that it was a tick. Ewww, ewww, and ewww. I no longer had to wonder what a tick looked like. My knee crease still stung after that sucker was removed...

Mike Making His Way Up --From the 'Drea Skycam

The Crowd Goes Wild for A.J. -- Also from the Skycam

Hobo, One Cool Little Dog

Diamond Falls for Patti and Vice Versa

Leah Stops To Smell The Roses

Morning at the Campsite

Patti Salutes The Sun

'Drea Embracing the Cliff...Special Thanks to Noah for the Camera Work

Find Leah --in a Lime Green Shirt

The Horses of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch

Additional Notes:

Thanks to Patti for letting me know that I had to let the wet tent air out. The prospect of setting up the tent by myself was a bit daunting but I did it. Patti and I actually talked about how amazing equipment, from rope bags to tents, is made. And as always, thanks to YouTube.


  1. What a fabulous adventure! And some great photos for next year's calendar.

    Ticks: EEWWWWWW.

  2. Also, I don't think I mentioned: OMG YOU CLIMBED UP THAT HUGE GIANT BIG-ASS ROCK??? Wow!

  3. gingerzingi,

    LMAO about the HGBA rock comment.

    Also, thanks for being my reminder about calendar fodder. ;)