Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do Bears Really Crawl?

One thing that I know for sure: If your body is not glistening by the end of a boxing class, you must have gone into the locker room to hide.

Before class started, some people warmed up. I, however, wanted to reserve my energy for the pending beat down.

I watched as this youngin leaped up to the bar that holds the boxing bags. The bar has to be at least 10 feet tall. After leaping, he hung on for a little bit, stabilized then started doing pull-ups. I didn't realize that the watcher was being watched and this woman was like We can do that -- no problem. Then, we start talking about our struggles with pull-ups.

Class went like this:

Warm Up

Run around the boxing bags.

Do long jumps until you reach the end of the row of boxing bags. (4x's)

Bear crawl, 5x's, followed by two Push-ups until you reach the end of the row. (4x's)

Sprint to the End of the Row. Jog to the Front. Sprint. Jog. Sprint. Jog.

Gloves On

(On The Bag) Body shot. Body shot. Cross. Hook.

Off The Bag

Jab. Jab. Cross. Hook.

Off The Bag

Squat. Squat Jump. Squat then knees to elbows.

On The Bag

(Off The Bag) Alternating Lunges

(On The Bag) Burn It Out and Punch for One Minute

Off The Bag


On The Bag (for some punching combination that I can't remember)

Stand Up Mountain Climbers

On The Bag

Planks to Push-Ups

Off The Bag

Ab Work

What Boxing Bags Look Like When You're On The Floor Doing Ab Work

Sidenote: I noticed that I felt stronger while doing push-ups.

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