Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Rose-Colored Speedo and the Yoga Wall

I had a dream that I stepped into a wild, overcrowded yoga room. I kept moving and, magically, there was a door that opened up into a body of water. When I walked back into the yoga room, I had on my favorite rose-colored Speedo suit and I kept moving through the crowded room...

I spotted a yoga studio as I did my usual eyeballing of Groupon Now and I was instantly intrigued by Yoga Wall but would I be able to do it?

I intended to go last Saturday but couldn't drag myself out of bed. Well, I could have managed but sleepiness + apprehension = burrowing.

I asked Patti if we could rendezvous for our Saturday climbing later so that I could attend the yoga class. The time change was cool with her since she's fallen head over wheels for bicycling and was able to get her a.m. bicycling groove on.

I just put myself on automatic before fear set in and headed out to Yoga Wall class.

It was a small group which I'm always grateful for when I'm delving into a new experience -- fewer witnesses to a potentially embarrassing situation.

What to say about Yoga Wall? Downward Facing Dog felt so much better. Spinal rejuvenation was, well, rejuvenating. Warrior Two is pretty cool with the assistance of straps. And Superwoman? When Sharon asked me to lift my arms, I was like It's not going to happen. I felt pretty awkward elevated and with my feet on the wall and raising my arms was going to significantly add to the awkwardness but everyone else was pretty confident that it was going to happen. Sharon walked over to assist me and, yes, I was able to achieve the Superwoman pose while in the pelvic swing. Thanks to my classmates for the supportive applause.

I also did my first inversion on the wall -- the one at 00:40 in the video below.

During Savasana,* Sharon guided and said something like If you hear the wind on the roof yaddayaddayadda, just ignore it. I'll watch over you.

Confession: I am a sucker for sentiments like that because I tend to be hypervigilant and it's nice to let go while someone else is the watchman.

When we were in the pelvic swing, chest open and head back, Sharon talked about how most people feel really vulnerable with their chest open because we're programmed to protect our chest area because that's where our heart is at etc. etc. but if you open your chest, you also open yourself up to myriad possibilities.

So, yeah, Yoga Wall was amazing. And I'm not going to mention that Sharon gave me a foot massage that didn't tickle.

My classmates were like: You made it through your first Yoga Wall now let's see if you come back. They have no clue about the addictive nature of my personality.

*I'm really enjoying being brought out of Savasana by the ringing of a bell.

Do you have a preference for how Savasana ends?


  1. Thats kinda cool... I might wanna try that.

  2. I've never heard of yoga wall. Definitely I can see how it would help the body open up.

  3. @midlife_swimmer,

    It was pretty cool. Can't wait to go again.


    I hadn't heard of it either and feel so lucky that my curiosity got the better of me and I clicked through the Groupon Now deal to take a peek at their website.