Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taking the Sprint Out of Sprint Triathlon

To do the sprint triathlon or not to do the sprint triathlon? That was the question.

I did think the triathlon would be a good way to celebrate my increased comfort in the pool. More specifically, my increased comfort with front crawl breathing. Of course, the swimming portion of the program is also what made me the most nervous.

What finally got me to register was thinking about Patti's Bike is Good t-shirt. She's already signed up for Bike MS 2012 and is planning to ride 75 miles...

I had been pretty much relaxed about the triathlon until I got to the pool area and the countdown started. My breathing was completely raggedy. Once the other woman got out of the lane, I was able to calm myself down and finish before getting kicked out as we had 30 minutes to complete the swimming portion.

We did the bike portion on spinning bikes and, during the "run," I walked a lot. Those 3.1 miles on the treadmill felt like the longest three plus miles ever.

The distances for this tri: 500 yards of swimming, nine miles of bicycling and 3.1 miles of running or walking.

Calves, Measuring in at 16 Inches, Are Getting Out of Control

Here are my results:

  • Swim Split, 22:53
    Swim Rank, 38 out of 40

  • Bike Split, 20:45
    Bike Rank, 34

  • Run Split, 41:16
    Run Rank, 37

  • I was slow but I endured.

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