Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Possible Earth and Fire Issue

It's been seven months since I've gone to the acupuncturist to boost my immune system for something wicked that I picked up in February; I hope to never experience that situation again. On the plus side, whatever Bryan did in February worked really well...

Bryan wants to know what's going on. I tell him that there is weirdness along the right side of my body that includes a shoulder, elbow and knee tweak in addition to a right toe that throbbed for 1.5 days.

Bryan wants to know where on the shoulder, elbow, knee and which toe.

He thinks it might be an earth and fire issue.

Bryan: But thank goodness you don't have an Earth, Wind and Fire issue.

Me: (Laughing at his corny joke)
Bryan starts tapping the needles in on my left arm then goes off to consult his book. He wants to shift focus, takes one of the needles out and puts it on another point. He also lets me know that I require needles in sensitive areas i.e. it's gonna sting a bit. Why do I always require needles in sensitive zones?

Another needle is in the top of my middle finger -- felt that one

Bryan tells me his reasoning behind the placement of needles but I'm mostly fascinated by and he is completely giddy that he has balanced the meridian points against themselves and balanced them seasonally...

Went to yoga and I have to say that I'm really digging the Happy Baby Pose and thinking that Forward Bend Pose would work for Hazira since it's good for insomnia etc.

Sometimes my yoga teacher is really in the mood to impart his wisdom and he talked about how some people just do high impact exercise and, if you chose that route, sooner or later, you'll probably end up in the hospital. On the other side, he said some people might do yoga all the time which would make them really low-key, a state that he's not opposed to but...

It was a nice class with 10 people in attendance and five on each side of the room. The only uncool part happened when this woman, who hadn't been there in a while, walked on my mat with her bare feet...

I kind of wanted to go swimming tonight but I've been on the move just about all day. I decided to listen to my yoga teacher's usual end of class advice: take a moment to enjoy the benefits of the practice.

So, that's what I'm doing right now -- taking a moment.


  1. Awesome post! Acupuncture and yoga all in one! I wonder what sort of imbalances I have. I think I want to try it now.

  2. Sara,


    Between the acupuncture and yoga, I slept incredibly well last night. Haven't had a restful sleep for a while. So, something must have gotten balanced. :)