Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sore Third Eye

Went to see the acupuncturist to address, mainly, my low immune system (lingering cough), low energy and lack of focus.

Mr. Acupuncturist wanted to know if there was congestion and where I was at in the cootie stage. He also wanted more details about my lack of focus.

Mr. Acu: Is it a fogginess?

Me: No; it's lack of concentration.

Mr. Acu: Are you doing something that you don't want to do?

Mr. Acu doesn't mince words, does he? He went on to check my pulse then the needle games began.

Be careful of what you tell Mr. Acupuncturist because you just might end up with a needle in the top of your head.

I heard Mr. Acu ask another client if she was going to read or rest. I had actually thought about bringing a magazine and I did bring my MP3 player but once the needles were inserted, all thoughts of reading or listening to music rapidly faded. I was, as usual, in the fade out zone.

As the last head needle was taken out, I wondered when I had started crying. I hadn't; my third eye had started to leak.

Cool fact from Mr. Acu: All points on the body can be accessed via that little marvelous microorganism, the ear.


After acupuncture, I went over to Hazira's to hang out and we watched My Best Friend, a French flick; you'll have to ask Hazira how she liked the film because I fell asleep in the middle. I did like the parts that I saw though.

Last night, I slept the sleep of the just. It was the most solid sleep that I've had in about two weeks. In fact, I found it hard to roll out of bed at 10 but I knew that if I didn't, I would be late for rock climbing.

Ran a few errands after climbing, ate lunch, felt depleted and found myself horizontal by half time of the Florida/Kentucky game. I napped for about four hours and I still don't know who won the game.

Since I've been hanging onto my bed of late, I think Hazira missed me OR I must have really looked bad because she gave me a back rub. I've known this rascal for over 10 years and didn't know she had such skills which are either newly acquired or one she's been hiding.


  1. You slept the sleep of the just? Now how exactly did you earn that?

  2. I would say that I, haphazardly, fell into it or that none of the good things in life are earned but I'll just give credit to Mr. Acu for putting all the needles in the right place... ;)

  3. I'm so intrigued by acupuncture! I knew someone who had to wear little pins in her ears to help with cramps. I never heard if it worked, but I've also heard it helps with tons of things. I think I should look into doing it.

  4. Sara,

    Every time I've gone to the acupuncturist, it has helped. Definitely try it when you get a chance.