Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Water Will Welcome You

  • 3+...The number of minutes it took me to descend the ladder into the hellishly cold pool water.

  • 2...Number of minutes it took me to submerge my head into same chilly water.

  • 1...Amount of laps that I got in before Chatty Kathleen arrived.

  • 1/2...Lap that I got in before an almost full-scale wardrobe malfunction.

  • At one point, Kathleen and I were down in the deep end. She wanted to know if I could just hang out without treading and, truth be told, I don't spend much time treading water. I just go from one end to the other when I'm not making wardrobe adjustments.

    Kathleen demonstrated how to keep one's head above water without moving a limb.

    It's about balance and, once you relax, the water will welcome you and hold you up
    , she said.

    My swimming suit provided the aggravation for today and don't think that I haven't tried to secure a back-up swimsuit. I'm getting ready to send suit number two back to Swim Outlet.

    Second Attempt to Get Back-Up Suit

    It's really weird. I feel like my collar bone is disappearing again and that I've chunked up and, yet, the upper part of my swimming suit is out of sorts. The material looks like it's in good shape but who knows. In addition, a pair of pants that I bought three years ago still fits comfortably; so, I should just chill out.

    Remember how I said that I had virtually no wants for my birthday? Well, I have been looking for a lightweight jacket for this time of year. I've also wanted a personal shopper. Be careful what you ask for. I was accompanied by two pretty good shoppers but one, Asmira, is like the undisputed heavyweight champion of bargain shopping. She found so many jackets for me; I chose two and refused to look at anymore because having more decisions would only cause me to bite my fingernails. Asmira also found a $5.50 workout top. You can never have too many workout tops, right?

    I just might need my personal shopper to venture into the aquatics department as well.

    I've really enjoyed this swimsuit. Hope that I'll be able to find another like it.


    1. You ae so much more adventurous than I am in your athletic endeavors. I do not like putting my head below water. Ever. Period. I do, however, need a new swimsuit for lounging purposes, but I just decided to go on a buying freeze (I blogged about it). *sigh*

    2. I also enjoy lounging around in a swimsuit. Of course, I get antsy about lounging if I haven't gotten any laps in . ;)

      I can't believe how comfortable I am now with having my head below water; that's definitely a non-scale victory.