Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Day, Another Wound

Saw a new BodyGo Row evening class at CrossFit. The description said that it was rowing mixed with kettlebells and lunges. Perhaps a kinder and gentler way to get back into CrossFit...

Had my eyes on BodyGo Row for days and finally signed up for the class this morning. I was nervous as all get out on the way there. It was a small group so that made me feel better until the board was explained.

Five... three minute intervals:

15 Kettlebell Swings (25 lbs)
5 Toes to Bar
5 Shoot-Throughs

After finishing with the KBs, T2Bs and Push-Throughs, the remainder of the time in each interval was spent rowing.

Thanks to the woman who let me have the higher situations for the Push-Throughs because it made the maneuver easier...

At some point in the program, Laurie (instructor) saw that I was struggling and suggested that I go from kettlebell swings to rowing. It wasn't like I was getting my toes to the bar anyway. As I was working on the intervals, I thought "My God, I need to get in shape just to do CrossFit," a shocking thought when you feel like you're in shape.

After the interval series, we did The Farmer's Walk around the building. I had a 30 pound kettlebell in each hand and I kinda like The Farmer's Walk. We had to hop up on the deck to get back in and that's when my leg hit a bolt. I knew it was there but I was so intent on hopping on the deck that I got beside myself.

Deck Souvenir

After my first attempt, Laurie was like It's like getting out of the pool then You can go through the door. I was like no thanks but I thought hell naw. Did she think a bolt to the leg would deter me? I hopped up on the deck, picked up my kettlebells, strapped my feet in and started rowing again.

I asked the woman that was in class how long she's been doing CrossFit. She's been at it for two months and goes about five times a week. Maybe it really is in the brain.

At one point, we noted our calorie burn for one interval. I burned 36 calories and, as Laurie said, That was a lot of work for 36 calories. And the guy next to me said: Yeah, like six M and M's.


  1. OMG another workout-related injury. Sort of. Think of all the cool scars you can show your grandkids.

  2. 1. Ouch.
    2. I like the fact that you kept going.
    3. What GS said about the cool scars.
    4. How many feet does "around the building" work out to?

  3. @gingersnapper and @Mich,

    Maybe there should be a photographic exhibit of exercise-related scars. I probably wouldn't make the cut but I'd still go and see it.


    Not sure about the feet. I'll have to check with Laurie since she likes to document numbers.