Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Getting Started or Month-End Review, September

To borrow a turn of phrase from my yoga teacher, goodbye to National Yoga Month but not to yoga. In fact, I think that I'm just getting started with yoga. I have, however, almost said goodbye to bicycling. Gotta remedy that...

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workouts

  • Arms and Shoulders, 1 x

  • 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones!

  • Sleek and Sexy Abs, 1 x

  • Bicycling, 1 x

    BodyGo Row Class @ CrossFit, 2 x's

    Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

  • 15-Minute Upper Body Circuit, 3 x's

  • Rock Climbing, 6 x's

    Climb So Ill, a new gym coming to town, Open House

    The Open House Sky

    Arch from Open House

    , 8 x's

    Treadmill, 1 x

    Walking, 12 x's

    Yoga, 5 x's

    Legs As Far Apart As Possible...Rest Head on Hands...If Possible...Always Makes Me Quiver

    What was your go-to activity or what made you quiver this month???


    1. I've been using an elliptical a little too often as my cardio go-to, starting to get sick of it! Like you, I need to think about hopping on my bike and taking it out for a spin--I think the poor thing is getting a little lonely out there in the shed.

    2. @Crabby McSlacker,

      Finally took my bike out for a respectable spin today. Hoping that your bike is less lonely soon.

      I haven't been on the elliptical in a long time. Maybe I need to take it for a spin too.