Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Morning Body Yawning

To celebrate my birthday and National Yoga Month, I decided to participate in Yoga Within the Confluence but outdoor yoga and rain don't mix.

My "treadmill/elliptical trainer" gym membership had been frozen up until three days ago so I looked around at the group classes and spotted a Sunday morning class that didn't have any adjectives like intermediate or power.

As I was checking in, I saw this woman heading toward the counter. I knew, without a doubt, that she was the yoga teacher. She had it written all over her.

I thought attendance might be low because of the rain but the class was so full that I almost left. I had to also tell myself that being near the door did not give me a reason to tip out. I remembered this FitSugar article that said: no one is paying attention to you -- everybody's concentrating on their own practice.

Did I mention that it's unnerving being in a new class with about fifty plus folks?

We warmed up with two-hand "drumming" which was kind of cool because the sound of applause was loud and choreographed as we drummed our legs. We moved on to rubbing our hands together then placed our warm hands over our eyes and stayed that way for several minutes which was very relaxing.

Planks and downward facing dog had sweat rolling down my face. I never knew that sun salutations were so much work.

At some point in the program, people were doing shoulder stands and back bends but I stayed at ease.

Before savasana, we reached our arms overhead and Gloria said that it was like a yawn for your body and it did feel that way. I guess there was enough room in the class for me seeing that I had space for a body yawn...

I thought about what I wanted for my birthday and I didn't have much on the list. Kind of nice not to have too many wants. I did buy these Nike about a week ago but not with my birthday in mind but more as a back-up pair of shoes.

How do you know when you need a new pair of shoes? When you start sliding across the floor in a cardio class or when your feet are sliding while you're on top of a stability ball trying to do strength training.

Love the tag on here:

When you need to cut. Explode. Jump. Plant. Move. Sprint. Push. Run. Train...

Yeah, Nike, I plan to continue doing all of that and because I've been doing "all of that," this birthday finds me feeling very good. It's been a rainy day but not dampened.

Thanks everyone for the presents and well-wishes.