Saturday, December 3, 2011

Losing Track of Time

No wonder Whitney asked how long we usually climb. Glanced at the clock and couldn't believe that we had been at the gym for three hours. Not sure what time was spent yakking and what time was spent climbing. It was probably half and half. Patti and I had not seen Mike and Leah since October so I guess there was catching up to do.

I thought about what I could have been doing but we're all busy and we all have stuff to do. We exercised and enjoyed ourselves -- definitely worthy pursuits.

Whitney getting her stretch on or either showing respect for the wall before ascending. Whitney hadn't climbed in five years but she did great. Climbing must be like bicycling...

Even though Leah (lead) and I (top rope) started out ascending together and joked about synchronized climbing, I think she was surprised when I called her name or maybe she was surprised that I had my camera in my hand.

Mike tackled this 5.10 route and is at the crux.

Patti, who is in orange and belaying for me, wanted to know if I was showing off since I paused to play photographer. For some reason, I like to take pictures when I'm perched near the top of the route; guess I like the view.

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