Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Always A Dollar In My Pocket For The Agua Man

When I was in Puerto Rico, the tour bus driver said that the water man was the richest man around. The same can be said for Las Vegas which is where I'm at right now.

I don't care if you can purchase a 12 pack of water for $3 bucks. If I see The Agua Man, he has my money each and every time.

I'm still trying to think whose idea it was to come to Las Vegas. Not only is it entertainment city, it's decadence city. The slogan should really be: What stays in Vegas -- is your money -- but that wouldn't be good for tourism, would it?

I was so relieved yesterday when I made it to Albertons. The banana that I got from there was truly the best one that I've ever had. Plus, the clerk was nice enough to give me a rewards card and I was able to get three dollars off my purchase. This morning, I used a Subway card that I won over at Diane Fit to the Finish to get a breakfast sandwich.

Right now, I'm at a branch of the Las Vegas library. When I asked at the bell desk if I could walk to the library, this guy looked at me as if I was crazy. So, I walked half of the way and caught the bus the rest of the way. There was a nice breeze. Really, there was...

This replica is about the closet that I'll get to the Eiffel Tower for now but one can hope, can't she?

Re: fitness and food, what's your strategy when traveling?


  1. Hee hee hee, I had a lot of good giggles on this one.

  2. I do the same things as you do when I'm traveling. I workout, I walk when I can and I pick the best food I can. You have a great sense of humor.

  3. I had a friend from there and you are indeed hearty for walking outside in late july woman!

  4. My best strategy is always supermarkets. There's so much ready-to-eat food around the produce department and deli. It's more expensive than buying the ingredients, but if you don't have a kitchenette, it's great. Salad bars, sliced vegetables, hummus, fruit, cheese, etc.

  5. when travelling, I always need to pre-pack foods, cuz there's no guarantee where I'm going will have anything I can eat. Larabars, fruits, veggies, nuts, rice & beans :)
    as far as exercise, no matter where i'm staying, i can usually do lunges,squats, jumping jacks, situps, etc.

  6. @Angela,

    Glad I made you giggle. :)


    Thanks. Great minds think alike, hunh? ;)


    Hearty or crazy. ;) If I lived in Las Vegas, I think that I'd have to hibernate during the summer...


    Funny that you should mention hummus. I was missing it and I saw a Sabra travel pack with pretzels and hummus. It was overprice but it made me happy...


    I traveled with Clif bars but not enough. I've never tried Larabars and looked for some at Albertsons but they didn't have any so I just picked up more Clif bars. Also, you’re right about jumping jacks and such but I can't say that I would do lunges on vacation. ;)