Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Would Nots

Diane Fit to the Finish recently asked What have you gained by losing?

My comments:

  • I ask for what I want way more than I used to (goodbye reticence).

  • I'm kinder to myself.

  • I'm more confident.

  • I thought more about what I had gained:

  • I would have never taken swimming lessons because I would have been hyper aware of my body.

  • I would not have tried rock climbing because your body is exposed -- not in a swimming attire way but it is...

  • I would not have dreamed about getting a massage.

  • I would not have done a triathlon.

  • I would not have rediscovered my love of bicycling.

  • One of Diane's answers was -- better wardrobe:

    I've noticed that my taste has changed significantly as I've lost weight.

    I'll add photos of my wild taste later. I'm still using the computer at the library and can't use my flash drive...

    What newness have you noticed about yourself?


    1. Oh - I'm so glad you liked that post. And I love your answers, especially the swimming and rock climbing you wouldn't have done before. Isn't it a great thing?!

    2. I think that once I've actually lost weight, it's safe to assume I'll be a stripper, because I already wear a swimsuit without concern and have had regular massages. :D

    3. i haven't been rock climbing in years, but i'm anxious to go again and take my 6 year old daughter to a gym around here. i think she'd love it.
      changes about me....well, the only significant amount of weight i lost was after i gave birth to my daughter. But, the major change about myself wasn't a result of the weight loss, it's a result of the food intolerances i developed.
      so, since i'm no longer able to eat wheat,barley,rye,eggs,milk, and casein, i have become uber health conscious.
      it's forced me to eat MOSTLY real, pure, unprocessed food. It's also resulted in an awareness of many other food-related issues in our society and how so much of the mental,physical, and emotional health issues stem from the over-processing of once-pure food.

    4. Young lady, I can't even describe all the changes in my life since I lost weight. Nothing else has ever made so much difference in my outlook and my ability to try and achieve things. But I'm immediately going to add that it's not about being smaller or more "normal" looking - it's about achieving a really difficult goal and becoming physically strong. That has given me so much more confidence than I ever used to have. I feel like my entire life has changed because of it.

      I also have some of Heather's situation - I CAN'T eat crappy food anymore, it makes me sick! It's like anabuse for fat people :)

    5. Diane always asks the best questions - her posts are so insightful! And so are your answers! I can relate to a lot of them. I think I've gained control.

    6. @Diane,

      If only I had realized what I was missing out on. :)


      Let me know when your new career starts. :)

      Yeah, on the one hand, being really overweight didn't bother me but it definitely made me more modest and it obviously bothered me in ways that I didn't realize at first...


      I hope you get a chance to go climbing soon.

      I would definitely like to get to the point where I can let go of more processed foods.


      I'm with you on the strength thing. I remember when my upper body was so weak. I had to change my car tire last winter and being stronger definitely made the task easier.

      @Nicole, RD,

      Ditto re: Diane's posts and thanks re: my answers. I'm glad that, like Janet Jackson, you're in control. ;)