Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Perfectly Good Pickle And...

Before my massage the other day, there was paperwork to fill out. I didn't see what my marital status along with some other info had to do with the massage so I left those questions blank and moved on.

There were other questions about how much white flour and sugar you eat. Lori told me that she was happy to put none for tobacco usage since it took her awhile to give up smoking.

As Lori was satisfied to put none for tobacco usage, I was equally satisfied to note that I exercise six days a week. What kind of exercise you ask:

*Aerobics Kate's Kick A$$ Class
Rock Climbing
Yoga etc.

Are you fatigued? I always chuckle when I'm faced with this question.

Me: Am I fatigued?

Lori: I don't think they mean fatigued because you exercise like a crazy person. Regular fatigue...
There was also a question about what you crave. Um, sugar... Is that what they meant by cravings?

I went swimming on Saturday -- only the second time (this season) I've been outside. My shoulder feels so much better. As a result, I was able to enjoy doing the backstroke and watch the clouds roll by. My shoulder felt even better after the massage.

On another subject, one of my aunts went to the Lake of the Ozarks. I had fried pickles, she said. I felt my face contort when it happened. What? You eat all kinds of ... she said.

I tell my aunt about the repeat Obesity in America show, the episode in which The Texas State Fair is highlighted. Fried butter, fried coke, fried pizza...The guy at that booth sells so much fried stuff that he is able to quit his job as a computer analyst.

I can't believe some vendor in the Lake of the Ozarks took a perfectly good pickle and fried it...

*Went to Kate's class tonight and was shocked by how crowded it was. There was almost no real estate available. However, there was a modest gap and it was right behind Kate.

Kate and I met over by the weights and haggled over who would get the 10 pounders. I've wanted to up the ante on the weights but I wasn't quite ready for 10 pounds.

I asked Kate if she had enough room and she said not to worry -- if she needed space, she would kick me and let me know. I told her that I would kick back as well. Ah, the prospect of impromptu cardio kickboxing...

Before class started, I sidled up to one of my buddies that I'm usually next to. She said that all the people were present because of my blog. Ha, ha. I outed myself to Kate because I had written enough about her that I thought she should know. Know what I mean? If you're saying writing something nice about someone, you should let them know. Shouldn't you?

Kate kicked butt tonight and I shouldn't be surprised by now. She kept saying:

No one quits.
No one quits.
I kept saying:
Oh My God, OMG...
We did lazy stretching i.e. stretching on the mat. I was so thankful because, at that point in the program, I don't know if I would have had the wherewithal to stand up. As we were reconfiguring ourselves to get in position for ab work, I locked eyes with another classinmate and I could see the fatigue on her face. It felt good to know that I wasn't alone...

How's your stamina lately? Anyone know about your blog that you'd rather not have known about it -- in hindsight?


  1. There are a few people that I wish didn't know, but it's definitely too late. So glad that your shoulder is feeling better. And yes I agree - sugar is definitely a craving!

  2. My mom knows about my blog and sometimes reads. That's great that you were comfortable swimming. My stamina sucks lately I found out doing lapps in the pool last Friday. I plan to lap swim more at work.

  3. Look at you doing the backstroke! Didn't you just start swimming a few months ago?

    Do you think the swimming itself helped your shoulder, or are you attributing the improvement to massage and pickles?

    I used to blog under my real name. I felt that I didn't like have a split personality, and that it would keep me on a good path with honesty and tact both: I wouldn't write something that I couldn't let everyone see.

    Not too long after I started my current job, I went back to anonymous blogging. I don't hate those people, but I don't like or trust them, and it felt like a horrible invasion to think of them reading my blog (I have no idea if they did).

    There's good and bad about anonymity: I don't like to reveal too much about my real life, because a person who DID know me could put two and two together easily, so there's a lot of stuff I don't share, combined with a new freedom to share other things. So: it's a wash.

  4. SO cool that people are movin' their bootys and doing things you recommend all because of your blog!! VERY impressive :)
    that must make you feel great!!
    oh yeah, there's a story behind my 36 year old Oster blender I used for the coffee slushy. It was a wedding gift to my parents in 1974.
    The blender outlasted their marriage. Crazy huh?!

  5. @Diane,

    So far, I don't regret telling the people that know about my blog but I definitely don't go around telling most folks.


    I have to work on my stamina now since I was swimming limited laps with the shoulder injury. I feel like I'm starting at the beginning but it's all good. I'm just glad that my shoulder doesn't feel yucky anymore.

    Good luck with getting your groove back.


    I've been swimming indoors mostly but I love getting outside when I get a chance. Either way, it's relaxing.

    Ha, ha. I think my shoulder has improved because of acupuncture, time and the massage.

    I relate to you re: the invasion...


    My classmate was joking with me. There are only four people in my cardio class that know about the blog. I take that back. More people know but only those four have the link.

    That's kinda sad that the blender outlasted the marriage but that’s life, hunh?

  6. OMG, I love fried pickles! We have a couple of restaurants here that do them and they are SO good!

    Not good for you, of course.

    Hmmm, well, when I wrote my Lawgirl blog initially, I was quite brazen about many things. Then when more and more people in my real life knew about the blog, I knew that I needed to clean things up a bit. So I don't cuss the way that I did before and I toned the sex wayyyyy down.

  7. I have to admit 'Drea - I do indeed like fried pickles. Some friends told me about them a few years ago and when I had the chance I gave them a try. YUM. Very wrong and very delicious.

    How do you feel about hangin' on Facebook?

  8. @Angela and Diane,

    See, now I feel like a judger but I don’t mean it that way. When I read Best Life Diet and Fat Smash Diet, the authors made such an impression on me about not eating fried foods that I kind of banished *fried* for myself and, because I can be an extremist, I get surprised when other people eat something on MY banished list.

    Also, I know there are many folks who feel like you shouldn't banish a food because it makes it more tempting...


    LOL, yeah, I try to keep my blog E-rated (for everyone).


    Re: Facebook, I feel reluctant to join because I feel like it would be yet another demand on my time. Also, my natural temperament is one of an introvert. I'm comfortable having the blog and my comfort level for being out in the open has increased but...

    Also, I'm sure that it would be cool reconnecting with folks but...It's kind of how I feel about being in New York. I like it but the *noise* and volume of people get to be too much after awhile and I need to retreat. You know what I mean???