Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting To Fine

I decided to go to my colleague's goodbye luncheon and since Chimichanga did not have an online menu, I stopped by the restaurant and got one. After skimming it, I settled on the grilled chicken salad.

I thought that I might have been overreacting to the whole eating out thing so I decided to actually research Mexican fare. Maybe I was giving chalupas a bad rap.

  • Refried Beans

  • Breakfast Burrito

  • Enchilada

  • Tamale

  • Chalupa

  • Chile Relleno

  • Arroz Con Pollo

  • So, yeah, I stuck with the grilled chicken salad. Huge, isn't it?

    My boss sat next to me.

    Me to the waiter: I'll have the grilled chicken salad with no cheese and the dressing on the side.

    My boss: I'll have the same thing.

    I thought that my boss might not have heard me say no cheese but she did. She also told me that she needed to lose weight. When our salads arrived, my boss said that if she had known how big it was going to be, we could have shared and I would have been completely willing to do that because I barely made a dent in my salad.

    My boss and I also discussed how much meat was on the salad and agreed that it was about 12 ounces. Another colleague said that she could hardly see the lettuce underneath my dish because of all the meat.

    There were about twenty people at the luncheon and you should have seen how much food was on the table -- probably enough to feed a small nation.

    As I was putting the remainder of my food in the refrigerator at work, one of my colleagues asked me how was lunch and then we chit chatted about the food. She pooh-poohed my concern: You're fine right now. While I do feel a sense of accomplishment, I know that I have not reached my goal. In addition, when I do get to fine -- I want to stay that way...


    1. 12 ounces of meat!? Oh my gosh!! It looks delicious, though :) Mexican food is sooo terrible for you. Too bad it's my favorite :-/

    2. That is the most meat I have ever seen on a salad!

      Of course it's not just about the WL, like someone telling you "You're fine right now" (which btw you look fantastic). It's also about maintaining the loss, and also about eating food that is nutritionally useful. That's why it gets under my skin when people comment on my eating a salad - "are you trying to lose weight?" There are other motivations for eating vegetables!

      At any rate, it sounds like you did well with the lunch, so everyone should be happy.

    3. You are right with that last statement. The goal is to stay fine for the rest of your life. Great job at the restaurant - I would do the same thing you did.

    4. @Nicole, RD,

      Although I went through my empanada and quesadilla phase, I had no idea that Mexican fare was, as you say, so terrible. Denial? During my little research, I also learned that refried beans are fried in lard. Yowza...


      Good point about the weight loss. I should know this fact because I haven't lost weight in eight months but the lack of weight loss did not and will not stop me from exercising and making better food choices.

      I thank you for the reminder about nutritionally useful fare.


      Thank you. I continue to be reminded (and find reinforcement) about the most important goal.

    5. Good for you for going and picking up a menu. I would never have thought of it!

    6. Angela,

      It took me a minute to think about going to get the menu. ;) I'm glad that I went because having the menu in my hands made me less likely to impulsively order quesadillas.