Sunday, July 25, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Miss My Home Computer

10). Home computer does not log me out after one hour.

9). Can readily check

8). Googling

7). Harder to avoid ongoing uncluttering project...

6). YouTube (miss you how-to videos)

5). Blogging at home (no pseudo-whisperers to block out -- who talk about the library's no cell phone policy while continuing to talk).

4). Able to fill the cable void (even though my Aunt Al tells me that cable features the same shows i.e. Law and Order and has reruns too).

3). Ability to rearrange Netflix queue at any hour

2). Popping in on Twitter

And the number one reason?

1). Viewing the Groupon deal of the day so that I can earn a 1 G reward.

Bonus Top Ten material: Not being able to report that I was finally able to climb Girl Power, a 5.9 route that I've been trying to ascend for awhile now. Made it over the arĂȘte with Patti's words still in my head. The move needs to be deliberate and controlled, she said.


  1. Congratulations on making that climb. I am so happy for you and impressed!

  2. Uh oh! What happened to your home computer??? My old trusty lap top is now not so trusty. My iPad should arrive any day but I don't know about it's computing power. Hmmm... Maybe that was a bad choice.

  3. I'm pretty sure I could not survive a day without the home computer. Hoping you get it back soon and can post more often!

  4. @Diane,

    Thanks. I'm still basking in the memory. :)


    I had a virus which is fixed now but something seems to be wrong with the monitor. These electronic devices are nice when they work. I'm now having issues with my GPS. That's just the way it is at times...


    Well, I'm out of town now with even less access...I'm going to be really experiencing withdrawal soon.