Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tough Class

Marisa: Andrea hates me right now.

Me: Hate is such a strong word. How about intensely dislike?
I could never hate or dislike Marisa. She is so appropriate, polite and personable but, man, she behaves as if she works for Beat Downs “R” Us.

With two kettlebells, we did front squats, 30 box jumps, the suitcase deadlift (15), 25 box jumps, calf lifts (15), 20 box jumps, cleans (10 right and left), snatches, 15 box jumps, lunges, rows and then push-ups.

Let me back up and say that I was already wasted from the warm-up and by the time we got to the third round of front squats, box jumps, deadlifts, calf lifts etc., I was speechless.

I was just about green with envy when this one woman snatched 36 pounds especially since I don’t know how to do the snatch but I only had a few moments to dwell on greenness because a whole lot of my energy was devoted to not falling too far behind the three women who were jumping and swinging like crazy.

Last week, this woman asked if we could do the Turkish Get-Up towards the end of the class and I called her Little Miss Turkish Get-Up as in Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes.

As we walked toward our cars, LMTGU said That was a tough class. I didn’t even think about asking for the Turkish Get-Up today.


  1. I call people "Little Miss/Mr. fill-in-the-blank" too. It's sort of fondly and jokingly demeaning :)

    But one time I called an acquaintance Little Miss Something (don't remember what) and she became very emotional and choked up about it! Not because she felt demeaned, she said it was because no one had ever called her "little" anything before, and it made her feel treasured and gave her access to a way of thinking about herself that she'd never had before.

    WOW. You know never when the most casual comment will touch someone in a way you hadn't considered. I'm glad this one made her feel positive about herself and not the opposite!

  2. I usually don't call people Little Miss or Mister but fatigue got the better of me. I did tell her that I didn't mean any harm.

    Cool story about Little Miss Something. You're right -- you never know about casual comments...