Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Serious Swimmer

As I prepared to gradually lower myself into arctic water, this man asked if I wanted his lane. You're a serious swimmer, he said. I was all kinds of flattered but still felt like Lois of Malcolm in the Middle when she thinks she’s a graceful dancer but, in reality, is very awkward.

Awkward or not, It felt amazing to be back in the water. I felt strong and very competent .

Chatty Kathleen was at the pool and she recently had a neurolysis procedure. She's experienced severe pain before but said nothing compares to the aftermath of having nerve endings killed...

On another note, I found out about the trash the dress ritual on the Today show. Very sad that Maria Pantazopoulous lost her life trying to trash a wedding dress in a river.


  1. I'd definitely have taken the lane! My husband swims a lot and having your own lane is highly coveted at the pool where he goes. Congrats on reaching the serious rank!

  2. Sara,

    Thanks. I do feel so much more at home in the pool now.

    I feel a bit claustrophobic when I have to share a lane so it feels really nice when I have a lane all by my lonesome. :)