Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Words That Make Me Want To Scream

I spent time before kettlebell practice wondering what Marisa would come up with for class and I also thought that if I heard the phrase box jump that I just might scream.

I had to tell myself that I’ve had made it through every class and that if I needed a break, I could always rack my kettlebell or just plain take a seat.

As I chatted with Chip, I told him that Marisa was sleeveless but that didn’t stop me from wondering what she had up her sleeve.

But you know what? I made it.

I made it through the jumping jacks, mountain climbers, plank jacks, two-hand swings, cleans, presses, squats, curls, Turkish Get-Ups, Russian Step-Ups, Russian Twists, push-ups, around-the-body catches, squats, lunges and dips. I also noticed, while cleaning on the left side, that my 22 pound kettlebell felt light…

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