Saturday, December 18, 2010

Best Moments

A question posed by Happiness for Dummies:

If I asked you to identify the ten best moments of your life, could you do it? (100)
I can barely remember what happened two months ago so here are some best 2010 moments:

  • Bones -- The Discovery Of

  • Catching A Glimpse of Definition in My Biceps

  • Commitment to Self-Care

  • Discovering the Wonder of Acupressure

  • Getting a Feel for Front Crawl Breathing

  • Getting A Globe Vienna

  • Lifting My Voice i.e. Speaking uP

  • Rock Climbing Accomplishments

    (Ascending 5.9 felt really good)

  • Securing Organizer

  • Three Week Vacation

  • (I went. I saw. I bowled.)

    Gratuitous Bowling Picture

    What about your best moments of 2010?


    1. Yay bowling picture! Yes, very gratuitous. That cracked me up.

      I remember reading in the Happ.Proj. that simply reminiscing about happy times is a good mood lifter. You don't even have to replicate the activity or event, just remember it.

      Wow, free happiness.

    2. Great bowling picture. I think it's so great that you take the time to look back. I need to do that this coming week.

    3. ten best moments of my life? great question......gonna have to get back to you on that one.
      LOVE that question!

    4. @gingersnapper,

      I'm gonna try to find more gratuitous pics. ;)

      It's cool that you're reading (or you've read) the Happ Proj; I like to see what stood out for you.

      And, by the way, I love free happiness too; ya can't beat that...


      Thanks. It's good to take a moment and look back -- especially when you're thinking about good stuff that happened. I like the point that Gingersnapper brings up from the Happiness Project about reminiscing being a mood lifter.


      I'm WaItInG. :)

    5. alrighty-at first i had a hard time with this, but once i started, i picked up some momentum :)
      1-when i was 23 and my mom came to visit me in Philadelphia. it was the first time in my life i really got to know and spend time with her.
      2-when i was in high school and my dad got me flowers for valentine's day. i had several girls telling me how they wish their dad would do special stuff like that for them.
      3-when my dad gave up an insurance payment on his car so he could afford to get me a bike for my birthday
      4-SO many great ones with my grandpa. fishing, canoeing, singing, gardening.
      5-finding out i was pregnant with my daughter
      6-the birth of my daughter
      7-my engagement to my husband
      8-deciding to become a Christian
      9-meeting my friend Jacqueline
      10-meeting my friend Edie.
      I am so blessed :)

    6. Heather,

      Don't you love momentum? Your moments are great but I have to say that you had me at number one. I love a good getting-to-know-you session especially when it's someone that you've *known* for a while; it's such a profound experience.

      Thanks for sharing.