Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jedan Gram

Know that Stevie Wonder song "Love's In Need of Love Today?"

Well, 'Drea's in need of non-scale victories today.

When I saw a post, Screw Plateau, It's A Drought, over at by Body By Pizza, it summed up, precisely, how I've been feeling. I'm not going to dwell on the scale but I can't say that I haven't noticed it has moved north a tad bit and the seesaw variation is the same two or three pounds...

The first non-scale victory begins with lotion which I was putting on when I felt something odd; I thought the oddness was some kind of growth. Who knows? My skin does weird things and is so sensitive at times.

It turns out the growth was one of my bones. I can feel bones, people, without going on some excavational expedition. I can feel the bones when I trace my eye sockets and I can distinguish the shape of my rib cage now.

For a fleeting moment, I felt vulnerable like someone could run into me and break my new-found bones but no one call Dr. Paul Weston; I've got a handle on that feeling...Not that there's anything wrong with therapy -- to paraphrase a Seinfeldism.

A few weeks ago, I was over at my friend Hazira's when her friend, Rabija, came over. Rabija was kind enough to stop by and take a few IKEA orders before heading to Chicago the next day.

I hadn't seen Rabija since we were poolside in '09. Hazira escorted Rabija out the door and, upon returning, informed me that Rabjia said that I didn't need to lose jedan (Bosnian for one) gram. Wow.

What has been one of your biggest *wow* moments during your fitness journey?


  1. when an old boss I worked for four years with did not recognize me when I stopped in to visit.

    Congratulations on being boney :) LOL

  2. Lol, I have heard of people finding their bones like that before. I can't wait to find mine!

    You go on your NSVs!!

  3. @midlife_swimmer,

    That's cool that your boss didn't recognize you and Boney thanks you for making her chuckle. :)

    @Fattie Fatterton,

    I was straight up taken aback but, of course, relieved when I found out my discovery was just a bone. Hee-hee.

    I'll be keeping up with your exploits to see when you find yours. :)

  4. I did a post once talking about a friend of mine who went to the DOCTOR thinking he had a growth on his chest. Turns out it was his sternum!! He had lost weight and felt it and thought he was dying. Seriously!

    Congratulations on feeling those bones. That's a great non-scale victory. When my weight loss would hit that see-saw plateau time it was almost always food. Not a lot of food, but just enough calories to put me into maintenance mode instead of losing weight mode.

    Have a great day!

  5. Diane,

    I'm glad that I was not the only one surprised by the discovery of one's bones. :)

    Sigh re: food. I know it's time to take another look at what I'm eating -- just like I did when I first started out. This next round of cuts is going to be more difficult. I know that I can eat cleaner but that doesn't make it any easier...

  6. Hi 'Drea,
    Hope I'm not too late to jump in here and post. Non scale victories - well my clothes are fitting differently,even though that scale isn't moving. Especially around my waist everything is too loose.

    But mostly these days, with my herniated disc, I measure my success in terms of how much I can do, how hard I can exercise and what Pilates movements I can complete. Little successes along the way, they all add up to a happy and healthy me :)

  7. Diane,

    Thanks for jumping in. I definitely have to keep my eyes on the larger prize. Just last night, my friend helped me to take measurements and I've lost a couple inches off of my thighs. I was shocked.

    Congrats on your victories and thanks for the reminder/reinforcement.