Sunday, May 9, 2010

Picture This: Along The Trail

Saw these cyclists as I was loading my bike and later on as I was heading to meet Ena at the STL Riverfront Trail. The cyclists were in such a good mood and why not? It was a gorgeous day for a ride. Ena and I had not set out to do 22 miles but the weather was perfect and the sun was showing off and there's just something magical about being on a bike and being by the water.

I Hang Back While Ena Tackles The Hill

Chain of Rocks Bridge

The Arch from the Chain of Rocks Bridge

The Arch from Lenore K. Sullivan Blvd

Detour Takes Me By Busch Stadium -- So Far The Cardinals Are Winning 6-2, Top of the 5th

I sure don't feel like doing anything right now -- not cooking or anything. Bring out the proverbial fork -- not to eat (unless you've cooked) because I am done.

What did you do today? And a curious mind wants to know what's the longest you've ever bicycled or swam or...? Any Ironwomen or Ironmen out there among us?

Postscript: Ena got some great shots of the bridge. I like her photo of me riding for two reasons: she took it while riding her bike (Ena, great coordination) and the picture also allows me to see the progress that I've made.


  1. Oh - no Ironwoman here! I did swim a mile once last summer. It was in the pool and it took me an hour. I was exhausted for the next two days!!

    Your bike ride looks amazing.

  2. Diane,

    I really enjoyed the bike ride and I'm looking forward to a repeat performance as soon as I can get my hands on a block of time AND provided the weather cooperates. :)

    I have yet to swim a mile. I got close once. Now, I have to work my way back up to that point again. It'll be fun trying though...