Monday, May 31, 2010

Free-For-All or Month-End Review, May

I enjoy taking a look back at the month that was. Now, this enjoyment typically refers to exercising but, in all honesty, there were other non-exercise joys.

And you are enjoying your exercise, aren't you? Exercise is the icing on my cake, the non-fat cream in my coffee, the full moon in my sky, the water underneath my boat and the wind beneath my wings. Okay, it also makes me quite goofy...

I usually have a couple of set days for a certain exercise; otherwise, it's a free-for-all. I'm in Kate's Cardio and Muscles class on Tuesday and rock climbing on Saturday or Sunday unless I'm lucky enough to get in extra climbing.

I didn't go to Cardio and Muscle since my girl Kate was on vacation. I took this opportunity to shake up the routine. I also plan to kick things into a higher gear. Gingersnapper had this post about getting in extra exercise that resonated with me. She talked about how the back of the parking is seldom populated and the irony of trying to find the parking space closest to the gym door was not lost on me. Now, you'll frequently find my little Mazda at the far end of the lot. Join Gingersnapper and me at the back of lots?

Here's how I got physical this month:

10 Minute Solution: 5 Day Get Fix Mix

  • Power Yoga, 1 x

  • 10 Minute Solution: Dance your body Thin!

  • Dance Toner, 1 x

  • Smooth & Sexy Moves, 1 x

  • 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones!

  • 10 Minute Stretch, 6 x's

  • 10 Minute Solution: Quick Sculpt Pilates

  • Buns and Thigh Sculptor, 1 x

  • Standing Pilates Sculpt, 1x

  • Bicycling, 13 x’s

    Mowed the Lawn
    , 3 x’s

    Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

  • 40-Minute Total Body Circuit, 2 x's

  • 15-Minute Upper Body Circuit, 3 x's

  • Rock Climbing
    , 4 x's

    Rowing, 1 x

    Stair Climbing, 5 x's

    Step Interval Class (with Stacey), 1 x

    Swimming, 4 x's

    Treadmill, 2 x's

    Walking Outdoors, 6 x's

    Yardwork, 1 x
    How was your May and what are your plans for June?


    1. Yikes. I'm feeling a little lazy in comparision!

    2. Sara,

      I know you're exercising since you've been rock climbing at least twice. And weren't you doing some walking around touristy thing yesterday? ;)

    3. I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.
      I will run in June.

      wait. this is all about me right? :)

      I actually can not believe its already june.

    4. My June goals are to stay (and get more) committed to strength training. I go in waves and I want this to be a good one!

      You won the Subway gift card! I'll email you right now.

    5. Looks like it was another stellar month for you 'Drea! Great work!!!

    6. @Miz,

      Really, I can't believe it's June either. Time is just marching on...

      I look forward to reading about your running excursions.

      @Diane Fit to the Finish

      I'm with you on the strength training. I want to be more consistent with it.

      Thanks for the Subway card.


      Thanks. I had lots of fun along the way and I'm looking forward to more exercise antics this month.

    7. You change things up soooo much! I need to get more creative! May was alright exercise-wise, but other than my 1/2 marathon, not great. June is all about running more frequently, but shorter mileage. The heat and I just don't get along after so many miles, but I need to be more consistent!

    8. What is it that happened on the 28th? I am intrigued by the scribble. My goal for June is to be able to write a post like this on July 1.

      The back of the parking lot is where the cool kids hang out.

    9. @Nicole, RD,

      Congrats on your half marathon. I'm sure that you got in plenty of exercise preparing. I need to sign up for one of those again in the near future. Good luck with your June goals.


      May 28th was a rest day and when I went to *log* Saturday's exercise, I got stuck in some kind of time warp and forgot that it was May 29th...

      I think we should get a shirt with the slogan: The back of the parking lot is where the cool... :)

      I'll be checking in with you on July 1st. Wow, it'll be July 1st soon.