Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ear to Ear Standard

After test driving a few bikes, it was the Globe Vienna 1 that made me smile from ear to ear. I probably should have looked around more but I was itching to get back on the road and not with the ancient clunker that I’ve been riding.

Still, I made a few more calls and did more research even though the guy told me that it was spring and the bike might not be there when I got back. Finally, this guy in Illinois told me that Specialized had a 2009 Globe Vienna 2 in stock for the same price that I was going to pay for the 2010 Globe Vienna 1. I called the shop where I had taken the Globe for a test ride to ask them to order the bike for me.

Said salesman told me he checked and verified that the 2009 model was still in stock. Then, the question: May I ask why you want the 2009 model?

Hmm, let’s see. It’s an upgrade and it costs the same as the 2010 model???

Said salesman then told me that he had the 2009 in stock and that he would give it to me at the same price that Specialized had it discounted for.

I was disappointed when the fellow asked me why I wanted the 2009 model. Am I naive to expect people to play fair? When I told him about the 2009, he should have just said: The 2009 is a better deal.

I went to pick up my bike on Saturday and I was so nervous. I wondered if I should have looked around more. Maybe I should get my down payment back. Was I being extravagant?

Before I went to pick up my bike, I had to tighten the bolts on my bike rack which someone tried to relieve me of last year. Once I had the bike on the rack, I was praying that no one took that moment to run into me. Phew, no one did.

I took my Vienna 2 for a spin on Grant's Trail this afternoon and I saw a Clydesdale and a Cardinal along the trail... :)

All this bike talk reminds of the January 2010 Aha! Moment in The Oprah Magazine. Glenn Close said that she had a hard time saying vagina until she participated in Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues.

Who could say "vagina" out loud before that play? After being in it, I actually walked into a bike shop and asked for the "vagina-friendly" bike seat. I thought the guy behind the counter was going to pop a gasket. But it was the best way to describe what I was looking for.
Close said that she also had to learn to say schizophrenia, depression and bipolar. I really like what the actress had to say after talking about her sister who has bipolar disorder:
We are all connected, and none of us should ever feel marginalized, stigmatized, and alone.
Here's a better picture of my newbie...


  1. Vagina-friendly bike seat...I love it :) That was cute :)

  2. that bike is beautiful! I will remember to ask for the "vagina friendly" seat next time I go spin :) LOL

  3. It's beautiful! Have you named it yet? (the bike, not your vagina. although now I'm curious...)

  4. Sweet! A new bike is so much fun! I hope you are having lovely spring weather to take your new bike out for some long rides :)

  5. haha, Vagina. I didn't care for the word till the play either. hahah ove the new bike, I'm very jealous. I would love a bike for the summer.

  6. What a great looking bike! I don't like it when sales people aren't upfront. I'm glad you got just the bike you wanted! Enjoy!!

  7. @Nicole,RD

    I love it that she asked for what she wanted -- something that I'm learning to do these days.


    I was thinking about getting the blue one but liked the black one because I thought it looked sleeker and, yeah, never underestimate a friendly seat. ;)


    You have me doing the ear to ear thing again. I'll let you know about the name... :)


    We've been having good weather all week and I plan to take advantage of it. When I really grow up, I want a bike like yours.


    Ensler's play was definitely a watershed event for me. I'm so glad that I got to see it. I hope that you'll be able to get a bike soon.

    @Diane Fit to the Finish,

    Thanks and, yes, sometimes sales people make me very sad. I really don't like the feeling of being hoodwinked but I'm definitely glad that I got what I wanted without too much drama.

  8. I kinda long for a bike (tho my hoohah is glad Ive not gotten one yet) but an oldskoolone with the plastic woven basket :)
    are they called beach combers??


  9. Miz,

    I think they are beach cruisers and they are very cute.

    I had a long hiatus from bikes and when I got back on one last year, I fell in love. Hard. :)

    After riding a few times, I purchased me a gel cover to go over the seat and it made a world of difference as far as comfort was concerned.

  10. Oh yeah that bike is totally worth it. You are gonna have some great workouts and fun rides on it! Btw. Did you ask YOUR salesman if he had any vagina-friendly seats? :)

  11. @Farty Girl,

    So far, I have been having a lot of fun. I love the feeling of being on a bike.

    I didn't pull a Glenn Close but I should have just to see what the response would have been. :) I'm sure that they don't get that question on a regular basis.