Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Than Sportsmanship

Started my day off by going for a refreshing bicycle ride while it was still cool and crisp in the one and only Forest Park but I had to hop off my bike when I saw the hot pink dog. First, I had to do a double-take since my mind goes in slow motion a lot. At first, I was kinda of shocked by the dog but, in retrospect, I dig the picture because of the diversity and because all the dogs seem well-cared for...

Before I headed to Forest Park, I saw this little bird -- the same little bird that I've seen for a couple of days and I finally saw where she was headed with her raw materials.

I caught this segment on the evening news yesterday and was touched by the U.S. Women's synchronized skating team who learned that the Croatian team was stuck at the airport due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. As the newscaster said, they offered more than sportsmanship; the U.S. team offered the Croatian team a place to stay. The same can be said for a family who offered to house a family of seven from North Ireland. The American family said they knew what it was like to be stranded at the airport as they once were in South Africa.

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I also need to say that I didn't even know there was a synchronized skating team. If I were on Twitter right now, I would use this hashtag #livingunderarock.

Another segment on yesterday's evening news moved me as well. It's about Cesar Morales who is giving back by teaching fencing to individuals who are visually impaired.

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I don't know about you but I'm inspired and I'm going swimming...


  1. I love skating, but I'm going to have file that under Why is This Necessary in Life? Very inspiring, though.

  2. Hi 'Drea,
    Had to spend a few minutes getting caught up. I've been missing visiting your blog. I love the rock climbing story. I love how you pushed yourself to go to the gym, despite your misgiving and felt comfortable enough to climb with someone new. But mostly I love that your heart was open and that you had a good experience. Kudos to you for embracing it all.

    OK, what's up witht that pink dog? How does a dog even get to that color of pink? I can't imagine it can be good for it's little doggie skin. Crazy stuff! I enjoyed the pic. never would have believed it otherwise! Who can imagine a dog THAT pink?!!!

  3. @midlife_swimmer,

    I had a very nice time at the pool -- after I got over the initial shock of the cold water. :) I was much more in synch this time.

    @Fattie Fatterton,

    I used to roller skate a long time ago and I'm using the term *used to* lightly because I was never a very confident skater and I've never skated on ice before. Maybe I'll get up the nerve one day...


    Thanks. :) I'm glad that I ended up going to the gym and it worked out for Joe and me. Joe had been climbing with a friend who recently moved away. It was also yet another lesson in going after you what you want and being flexible. Of course, some lessons need to be studied again.

    The pink dog definitely stopped me in my tracks. I debated about whether or not to take the picture but if your dog is pink, you gotta expect some attention. Right? Yeah, I also wondered whether or not the dye was good for the dog...

  4. That pink dog is just wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Glad you got the bug to swim! I wish I could say the same. That's a serious workout!

  5. I'm not sure about the pink on that dog. A bit strange to me!

    Have a great swim! I love swimming!

  6. @Nicole, RD,

    Yeah, I've never seen a pink dog before so it was a memorable sight for sure.

    I'm trying to get a bug for working out longer. We'll see how it goes...

    @Diane Fit to the Finish,

    I can't believe the dog even sat still long enough for that dye job.

    I had a great time swimming and I'm looking forward to hitting the pool more this month. Hope that you get to swim as well.