Friday, April 16, 2010

The Friday Funnies

What are you willing to lengthen your workout for?

Personally, I have a jones for many things. Who would have thunk it, right?

I like Kashi's TLC (Tasty Little Cereal) Bars. I also dig Crisp 'n light Wasa crackers which I usually adorn with Sabra Red Roasted Hummus.

What's your Achilles' heel? What do you stock up on?


  1. Haha, I like your funnies :) Especially the first one!

    I didn't know Brown Cow had Greek yogurt! I'm willing to kick it into high gear to earn my glass of wine or bottle of beer a few nights a week! That added mile is worth EVERY sip!

  2. I stock up on everything! There's a lot of us. For me personally I always make sure I have green tea, Brown Cow yogurt (from Sam's), and apples!

  3. OH 'Drea, don't get me started on Greek Yogurt. I eat the full fat plain every morning with about 2 cups of berries for breakfast or late morning snack. Or I get the Fig Greek Gods full fat yogurt. I am so willing to cut back elsewhere for this special treat. Most american yogurt is just too too sweet. do you feel the same way?

  4. @Nicole, Rd,

    I think the Brown Cow Greek is a regional thing. I see that Diane Fit...also gets it from Sam's but TJ at TJ's Test Kitchen said that Brown Cow is produced in Cali but she's never seen the Greek version.

    I seldom use *kick into high gear* but I might have to use that expression for motivation...

    @Diane Fit to the Finish,

    LOL about the stocking up. I get my Brown Cow from Sam's too and you can never have too many apples or green tea.


    I like the way you start your morning. I agree with you about the too sweet yogurt. Too many sugar grams and some brands even glow. I swear, I bought some cherry pomegranate yogurt at Target and it was fluorescent.

  5. Right now I'm flooded in nondairy milks, lentils, cereal, and almonds. When stuff goes on sale, it kills me! I HEAR you w. the Greek yogurt. Man do I miss it. I quit it to see how I felt, and noticed that my chronic sore throats went away. Now, all I can eat is that sweet coconut yogurt stuff, which I never buy. Instead I make the kefir. It's not the same though. Slurp one down for me lady! :)

  6. Oooh. What am I craving? That is such a loaded question considering that ALL those things you mentioned look super yummy and I can't buy one of them here. Yeh, I basically crave what I can't have.

  7. @Farty Girl,

    I so stock up when my favorites go on sale. I hear ya about the Greek yogurt. I miss salmon so much but I know better than to tangle with it.


    Now you have me super curious about what you substitute for your favorites while you're in Santiago...