Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Stand Accused

My mother called me a haint.

haint [ haynt ]



Southern U.S. ghost: a ghost or other phenomenon believed to be supernatural
One of my friends told me that I have forsaken family and friends for exercise.

My brother feigns surprise whenever he catches me at home.

And my cousin said something like I bet you went rock climbing when she asked about a fish fry that I was absent from.

I'm so grateful that I'm not as defensive as I used to be.

A couple of episodes ago on The Biggest Loser, Ashley said that people were sneaking away to get in exercise. I feel like I have to sneak away sometimes especially when I want to double my exercise efforts.

On the other side of the world, when my mother saw how devoted I was to exercise, she started taking water aerobics classes which helps with her arthritis and achy knees.

My brother called me the incredible shrinking woman and my friend recently asked me to show her some exercises for her abs since she is having persistent back problems. So, there we were on a Friday night working on our abdominal muscles.

I wish that I could have the fish fry back. My aunt is prone to cook large amounts of fried fish, fried hush puppies, fried okra etc. and, when I mentioned that to her, she said How could you think that I did not consider you? My aunt had baked some fish for me. I definitely wanted a do-over on that one.

And my cousin?

When I started this journey, I walked and walked. I was reading Prevention and saw and ad for a marathon and I started training to walk in a marathon because I had heard of people losing weight this way.

As I walked in Forest Park, an aunt joined me then my cousin joined us.

The three of us participated in the 2008 Go! St. Louis Marathon.

My cousin got a scare recently when the doctor told her that her blood sugar was elevated which was definitely cause for concern since my cousin's father and every last one of his siblings has diabetes.

Last Sunday my cousin, aunt and I were sitting on the couch talking and my cousin said that she went to the doctor and all of her tests, including cholesterol and glucose, showed improvement.

Thank you, she said. If it had not been for you, I would not have started going back to the gym.

I almost fell off the couch.

My cousin has lost 21 pounds since she rejoined a gym about a year ago.

I stand accused. Sort of...


  1. Wonderful! I can only hope that I have a positive effect on my friends and family too.

  2. That's awesome, lady!! It's hard, as we've talked about, when we change our habits and our family and friends don't understand. But I'm so glad that they view you as an inspiration. :D

  3. @Ms. Bad Mama Jama,

    Just keep up the good work. The entire family might not jump on board but, hopefully, a few will... :)

    @Fattie Fatterton,

    I'm definitely happy about my cousin's turnaround. My aunt was also able to get back into some clothes that she had outgrown.

    I think part of the skepticism from family and friends is a fear that you will change who you are fundamentally alongside the changes you are making to your body...

  4. Heck, it's like you can't win. Husband complains that my booty shrank down, but did my stomach. I said take your pick. Big booty with big stomach, or smaller booty with shrunken stomach. His response? "Get butt implants".

  5. What a lovely and positive impact you are having on those you love. Your healthy lifestyle and commitment to fitness reverberates throughout your life, like ripples in a pond.

    The part about your Aunt making a special batch of baked fish just for you is so touching. I hope you will have this moment again in future family get togethers. What a blessing to have such a loving family close to you.

  6. I think your family should stand up and applaud the next time you walk into the room. I'd applaud for you if I ever met you!

    Congratulations on what you have accomplished for yourself, but even more so what a great thing you have done for your circle of friends and family.

    And then they can do the same for their circle. It widens bit by bit!

  7. WOW! Good for you. Now you can give yourself a pat on the back. I wish I could motivate my dad like that because I worry about him, but he seems to be slow at picking it up.

  8. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is be a good example.

  9. @Yum Yucky,

    I see that you are losing inches in the same area that I am. ;) I guess the spot reduction myth is just that -- a myth...


    Yeah, that was pretty cool on my aunt's part and she has recently done other nice things as well in the food area.

    Even though I feel like the family is sometimes in *attack* mode, they have been very good to me and I am blessed to have them around.

    @Diane Fit to the Finish,

    Thanks. :) I'm definitely hoping that the positive effects of this journey will reach and help as many folks as possible. I feel good and I definitely want the people that I care for (and the people they care for) to enjoy good health as well.


    Stay on your dad, girl, but in a Roberta Flack kind of way so that he doesn't tune you out. :)


    I agree. If I had only stuck with the journey for a short amount of time, it would have been different but the fam' sees that I've dug my heels in and that I'm in for the long haul.

  10. thanks for the info and explanation provided