Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm My Own Heroine

I was reading the blog Overdose of Satisfaction. I have to first say that I really dig the title which comes from this quote by Salvador Dali:

There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
Kourt wrote a post on March 31st called Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy. In the post, Kourt decides to address her low self-esteem issues and wrote 50 things that she likes about herself. I was intrigued and wrote in the comments that I didn't know if I had the (introspective) stamina to write 50 things that I liked about myself but I was still intrigued...

I googled the exercise and came up with some guidelines from eHow which include:

1). Start by listing 5-10 things you really love about yourself. Think of all the things you have done so far in this lifetime that made you smile and to be proud of yourself.

3). Do this exercise over a couple of days...
I think the couple days is crucial because characteristics occurred to me over a span of time especially while walking. Without further ado, here's the list:

Well, here's some ado. My title is inspired by MizFit who has a shirt (along with her daughter) that says I Am My Own Superhero.
1). I like my sticktoitiveness. I’m told that even when I was a little shorty and knew nothing about shoe tying, I persistently wanted to tie my own shoes without assistance. Also, I once stored food in mouth that the babysitter had given me until I was able to get to my grandmother who helped me to dispense with the distasteful matter.

2). I enjoy hanging out with other people but I also enjoy my own company.

3). Little things make me happy.

4). I only applied to one college.

5). I know how to change a tire.

6). I know how to check my oil.

7). I like my eyes.

8). Even though they don’t seem like they should be on my body, I like my massive calves.

9). I like my arms which are firm.

10). I like that I can make other people laugh.

11). I like my love/hate relationship with altruism.

12). Very few things frighten me.

13). I’m a stickler for details.

14). My family is important to me.

15). Hello! Hips unplugged.

16). I’m fond of the burgeoning definition in my abs.

17). I was able to lose 58 56? (fickle scale) pounds.

18). I stuck with rock climbing even though it gave me jitters at first.

19). I climbed a 5.9 (just yesterday).

20). I’ve read hundreds of books.

21). I participated in a sprint triathlon.

22). I learned to swim as an adult.

23). I like the introvert’s angle.

24). I smile from ear-to-ear when I get a sentimental message.

25). I’m willing to try new things.

26). I have eclectic taste.

27). I’m considerate.

28). I’m thorough.

29). I am responsible.

30). Whenever I see a Cardinal, it stops me in my tracks.

31). I enjoy photography.

32). My friends are important to me.

33). I like that I write sappy missives.

34). I enjoy singing while I walk or clean.

35). Lovin’ the new collarbone.

36). I’m a good listener.

37). The shape of my head is pretty cool.

38). Satisfied that I stopped using hair chemicals.

39). Glad that I’ve been working on being flexible (with other people and physically).

40). I like it that, at night, if I’m fretting about something I can usually put it aside and get a good night’s sleep.

41). I like casualness.

42). I more generous with myself.

43). I’m level-headed.

44). I’m patient.

45). I pick my battles.

46). I have an expansive spirit. (Friend verified)

47). I am sweet. (G’ma verified)

48). I am loyal.

49). I’m kinder to myself.

50). I am more vocal.
I'm also including the video that Kourt posted on her blog which is from The Conan O'Brien Show and it's called Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy. Kourt encouraged everyone to do a list and I hope this exercise spreads like wildfire. I also hope that you're having a satisfactory day that extends into many more days.


  1. Hey lady - Finally made it over and what a great post!! :D

  2. I love that everything's amazing nobody's happy video! Cracks me up every time I see it! Nice List... I wonder if I could do that?

  3. @Fattie Fatterton,

    Thanks for the comp and for stopping by. I'm actually reading one of the books you recommended, The Survivors Club. I'm not deep into the book but so far it's been pretty engaging.


    That was my first time seeing the video since I didn't see a lot of O'Brien's shows. I think you should totally try the list just to see what characteristics/accomplishments you come up with. I bet that you will be pleasantly surprised.

  4. I like #22. I learned to swim as a tiny child by a method common in the olden days - my father threw me in the pool. I know that sounds pretty horrible, but in that case it actually worked, I was terrified for 1.5 seconds and after than I never wanted to come out of the water. I think it must take a lot of courage to do that as an adult, to throw yourself in so to speak.

    I'm going to start working on my list.

  5. gingersnapper,

    One of my colleagues told me that she learned to swim this way. I don't know if I would have gotten over the initial seconds of terror though.

    During swimming lessons, I had a hard time venturing past the deep end and I can't tell you how many times I stopped at the border.

    I like how you phrased learning to swim as an adult: to throw yourself in so to speak...

    Looking forward to seeing your list.

  6. This was a great post and totally true! I love you long, long list!

    I also think that it is hard in this "supersized" society to be happy - although we should be satisfied and happy because so many things in our lives are amazing.

  7. Diane,

    Thanks. I agree that so many things are amazing and, yet, it's so easy to lose sight of amazement in such an instant satisfaction era.

  8. This is a great post. I love the video. I'm inspired. :)

  9. @kateorkaty,

    Thanks and yay for inspiration. :) I'm definitely feeling inspired these days. There's a refrain from Dr. King's I Have A Dream speech that occasionally pops into my head and, in my mind, it goes like this: despite the difficulties of the day, I still have a dream...

  10. What a great idea! This is something that we all should do. Because I agree, there is some sort of vapid lack of self esteem in our culture. We're all a bunch of Charlie Browns walking around, going, "Why me?"

    Instead we should be smiling at the sunshine and thinking, "Why not me?"

    My favorites of yours are noting the shape of your head and the fact that you were scared of climbing, but stuck with it. Both are worth being proud of. :)

  11. @fartygirl,

    I hope that you will do a list as well. I'm so trying to turn the Charlie Brown syndrome around.

    Re: my head shape, it was something that other people pointed out to me. I wear my hair very short and several folks told me that they could never wear their hair so short which made me review my head. :)

    Re: rock climbing, I can't believe how much I enjoy it now...