Saturday, April 3, 2010

There Is No Try...

When I got to Upper Limits, there was a group of the cutest little girls. I love it that parents have active birthday parties for their kids and judging from all of the squealing going on upstairs, they had plenty of energy to expend.

Here's my gear on a bench before I got all harnessed up -- complete with belay devices and chalk bag.

I went climbing with Jessica and we both had pretty good outings. Jessica was a bit sleepy and this guy had us cracking up. He was like: What's with the yawning? Before you know it, I'll be yawning and it'll spread through the gym. Have some coffee, man, before climbing. And, let me tell you, I think the anti-yawner was properly caffeinated.

The anti-yawner was belaying for Yoko (I know her name because he called it out several times to give her tips) and told her: There is no try; there is only do or do not. Jessica immediately looked at me and started shaking her head because I've told her that I will try before. So, be advised, never tell your belayer that you are going to try to climb a route.

I tackled my first 5.9 route, Beware of Bats. I did it awkwardly, experienced sewing machine leg, felt there was no way that I could progress up the wall at one point -- like a checker player with one piece left facing a board full of kings -- but I did it. I know those holds look innocent enough but you should see the whole route. Jessica had me laughing too. She was like Beware of Bats? Beware of 'Drea. Jessica, flattery will get you everywhere...

Today's route tally:

Truxton or Bust, 5.6
Gymnopaeda, 5.7
Sponge Bob, 5.7
Bright Idea, 5.8 (3x's)
Face Plant, 5.8
Beware of Bats, 5.9


  1. 'Drea!!!! A 5.9!!!!!! OMG!!!

    I'm am jumping up and down with excitment for you. I hope you are doing the same. Fantastic progress.

    Celebrate tonight?

  2. wow... I was gazing at a rock wall in the pool I visited for my class last night as I floated for the test... thinking maybe someday I wanna try that too...and of you because I was reading all the routes ratings at the eye level of each one.

  3. @Diane,

    I was very excited when I got over the crux and knew that I could make it up. Sweat was rolling down my face from the effort but it was a very cool experience. I was going over it in mind when I got home.

    I want to celebrate by getting back in the gym and doing it again... :)


    That's so cool that you went to check out the ratings. If they had a pool and a wall at the gym that I went to, I would be really torn about which activity to engage in.