Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Devil You Know

Episode Recap
The last time I saw The 'Drea Slayer we were doing kickboxing moves and she told us that if anyone in the class put their non-punching hand down, we would have to do extra cardio. Hunh? I couldn't believe that Kate had resorted to threats but as she surveyed the room all hands were, indeed, on deck.

Episode Preview
Knowing how my energy wanes toward the end of the day and, miraculously, before Cardio and Muscle, I decided to dig deep and gut it out no matter what. I made a decision to pull a Miggy -- to give it all I have and to give it all I didn't have because, really, I'm sitting just about all day. Why should I feel fatigued? Okay, my coworkers wear me out at times but that's beside the point...

Tonight's Episode
Kate will be on vacation for three weeks and, as it turns out, she wanted to give us something to remember her by. My behind is sore because Kate kicked it. My abs, legs and shoulders are also in on the soreness. Honestly, I have to stand up slowly and get accustomed to being in that position before I can move on.

Kate kept chanting push it, push it and she kept saying:

Everything you have -- lay it out and, then, no one should be stopping.
If your legs felt all wobbly like some newborn animal whose mother is nudging it to walk because the lions are nearby, then you had the option of doing the lower modification but you could not stop. Oh, the instructor pressure.

A couple of times, Kate put her hand to her ear and asked if we were going to miss her. Silence.

When we finished with class, this woman who hadn't been there in awhile walked up to Kate and said one-legged mountain climbers -- you are a devil.

I have to say that I gave it all I had tonight and I even chose larger weights for the muscle portion of the program...

Saw this video on The Early Show. Hats off to Sally Hazelgrove for making a difference. I'm so glad that I participated in an organized team sport in junior and high school. I think it made a world of difference concerning my confidence and self-esteem. Did you participate in a team sport? If so, what kind of impact did it have on your life?

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  1. One-legged mountain climbers. No, that's not even possible, sorry. That's a crazy person.

  2. That Kate sounds like a tiger! Great job on working out hard and meeting her expectations and your own!

  3. @gingersnapper,

    I should have clarified that we were doing one-legged mountain climbers with the assistance of a step platform.

    We also did *lateral runs* while lightly touching the step.


    Yeah, Kate is tiger-like. I'm glad that I committed to gutting it out before the class. I've been feeling like I need to make my workout more intense.