Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 'Drea Slayer

I used to think that salmon and shrimp were the ultimate 'Drea slayers but standing at about 5'3 and 110 pounds, Kate is proving to be a formidable opponent.
Heel. Heel. Heel.
I almost checked to see if there was a dog but it was Kate's reminder for us to get our heels down while doing jumping jacks since we didn't want our calves to miss out on any action.

Kate's other chant for the night was:

Quicker, quicker, quicker.
They're already called fast feet; what more do you want Kate?

We did cardio in eight minute sets tonight and that's what almost killed 'Drea.
Suck those abs in.
Girlfriend was expecting us to do a lot at once. We were sucking and shuffling and jumping and my abs couldn't keep up.

We're going to do a lot of hopping tonight.
I was very aware of this fact as I hopped from one leg to the other.

And the thing about your tires, Kate said, they're far apart.
Of course, why wouldn't they be?

I hate imaginary tires.

We worked on our abs and glutes and it's funny how everyone, instinctively, went into child's pose at the end of the glutes portion of the program.

I feel like I'm yelling a lot tonight.
I love people who are self-aware.

Tonight, I left the push-ups alone since my arms are still sore from trying to climb that 5.8b on Sunday.

When I told Patti about my sore arms, she wrote:

No pain, no gain?
Believe it or not, I had forgotten about that expression.

We stretched on the floor after ab work then stood up. I really dug a simple stretch that just involved placing your hands in the small of your back. I also dug a kind of reverse Namaste gesture; you place your coupled hands at the top of your back. I can use these simple stretches in my arsenal...

I had Healthified Mexican Pasta Skillet for dinner. I got the recipe off of my recently delivered Eat Better America calendar. It was very easy to make and pretty tasty.


  1. "I feel like I'm yelling a lot tonight."
    "I love people who are self-aware."

    ROFL!!! one of my coaches is such a hard a$$ on me but on the best way possible. She's old school and lets me get away with NOTHING. Your comments ring SO true for a tough workout and being put through the paces.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful workout. And you really pushed yourself - that's great!

    That recipe looks really tasty. We are having ravoli tonight - but I'm just going to eat a tiny bit!

  3. @midlife_swimmer

    I know what you mean by someone being tough but in the best possible way. I would have never learned how to swim if the teacher was not such a sergeant.


    I definitely have to watch myself when it comes to pasta which is why I try not to cook it very often. ;)