Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just Bicycles And Planks

I hauled it across town to get to Cardio and Muscle.

I went a long way and I've come a long way. I wanted to make it on time and participate in that class with every fiber of my being.

I changed into my workout clothes the way Clark Kent changed in a telephone booth. I walked into class just as they began to march.

Be careful of what you ask for. As the saying goes, you just might get it.

Swing, swing, swing, Kate called out as we swung our imaginary jump ropes.

Up, up, up. I think Kate got stuck on a note because she was calling for up even while we were doing fast feet.

Kate came and did fast feet by me at one point and, of course, I had to rise to the challenge. My feet have never been faster. ;)

We did some kickboxing moves. We lifted our knee as if we were aiming at an attacker. Then we squatted it out followed by jacking it out.

We also worked with a resistance band and regular weights and did the obligatory ab work.

We went hard and hard again for our last eight minute cardio stint.

Don't quit. Go all out.

It was only fitting that Rhianna's SOS was playing around this time but there was no rescue -- just bicycles and planks.


Epsom Salt Directions (For External Use)

As a bathing solution: 2 cups added to the bath water for a refreshing bath after strenuous exertion.
TopCare didn't lie; it was a refreshing bath.

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