Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hoping That My Muscles Will Remember

The final piece of the puzzle is in place. I scoured the internet for a harness and decided to get one from Upper Limits and I'm glad that I did. The harnesses have instructions but there's nothing like a human telling you that you need to double back on your buckles or that you can belay and climb on the auto-belay through the belay loop but for climbing you need to have two points of contact for your rope.

I also got to try on the harness and climb in it before I made my decision.

Behold, my Black Diamond Momentum Al harness (XL size):

At first, it felt weird not climbing in the rental Yates -- probably because I've been renting and wearing the Yates exclusively. I should have invested in a harness a long time ago but I wasn't sure if I'd be really bitten by the rock climbing bug. And, oh boy, have I been bitten. I miss the wall almost as soon as I step out of the gym.

I finally managed to get up the 5.8b (a.k. a. #1 nemesis) And You're Ready Now? route. It took me many takes and I don't really know how I made it over the arĂȘte but I did; I'm hoping that my muscles will remember. I was sapped after that 5.8b and could barely muster enough energy to make it up less demanding routes. Nevertheless, I was quite satisfied to have finally made it up And You're Ready Now? Yay!!!

Here are some videos about how to look for a harness and how to put one on.

On a final note, looking at my, woo hoo, smaller butt makes me think about Greta over at Big Bottom Blogger.

And, of course, Da Butt also comes to mind.


  1. You look great in that harness! I've never done rock climbing. Maybe someday. . .

  2. @Nicci,

    I first went in Dec. of 2008 and I barely made it up one route and I was nervous as all get out; so, I didn't return for months.

    My visits continued to be spotty and I thought I would never get belaying down even though everyone else seemed to have no problem with it.

    Finally, I got a 10 visit pass in Dec. 09, started going every Saturday (at least) and, sometimes, twice a week. Now, I can't imagine not climbing. ;)


    Thanks! I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable with my weight even though I would like to lose more. When I look at the picture, I'm able to see that I have accomplished a lot.

    I think you should definitely try rock climbing one day. Of course, I'm completely biased right now. ;)