Monday, February 8, 2010

The Kinks Worked Themselves Out

I had plans to go swimming but just looking at the snow on the ground made me shiver. Don't believe the hype about those indoor pools being heated.

The snow made me wonder if I should stay at home or go.

I hit the gym around 7:20 or so and decided to hop on the StairMaster which is not the most logical choice after you've done back-to-back days of rock climbing. My hip flexors protested but the kinks worked themselves out after about five minutes.

My goal was 45 minutes and whenever I have a StairMaster goal like that, I hone in on this yellow poster directly in my line of vision:

Ask Us How To Enhance Your Goals
I focus on that poster the way I pick an item to focus on when I'm doing the tree pose. I like how this cross-training thing works.

But even with my focus, I started to buckle with about 13 minutes left. I have a new MP3 player and it has a Go List, a very appropriate title methinks.

A few songs on my go list:
Bad, Michael Jackson
Super Bad, James Brown
World, Hold On
, Bob Sinclair
By this time, I'm telling myself all manner of things. I'm bad, hold on. Yadda Yadda Yaddda.

My car was pretty much clear of snow when I went into the gym and here's what it accumulated while I was working out.

And here's a little video that I took at the world's longest stoplight.

My stats:

490 calories, allegedly burned
180 floors, allegedly climbed
Level 7, Highest (Average 5)
Total Time, 60 minutes

No wonder I popped my head as I was getting into my car.


  1. midlife_swimmer,

    Okay. I guess they are, technically, heated but I've stepped into some pools that have made me practically spin around.

    I will say that once you submerge, it's like magic and your body adjusts immediately.

    Also, when I first started swimming, I was so eager to get in the pool that the temperature seldom mattered. ;)