Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Last Minute That Just Elapsed

Went swimming even though there's snow on the ground and I had an inkling that the water would be cold. I stood in the pool for a few seconds hoping that the water would suddenly warm up but it didn't and I submerged.

I worked on my front crawl swimming and remembered how my teacher used to say that I could breathe as often as I needed which translates, in my mind, as I can breathe anytime I want to. Once I reframe it this way, I'm able to breathe better.

Even though I wish I had learned to swim much earlier, I so enjoy my time in the pool and there's nothing that you can do about the past. You can't even have the last minute back that just elapsed.

It took me an hour to get in 20 laps.

Maybe these FINA-approved suits from Swim Outlet will help me swim better???

My swimming suit is actually getting looser. It's time to make some alterations before a wardrobe malfunction occurs.


  1. so glad to hear you swam. I actually breathe every stroke on longer distances. The suits are cute...FINA approved means they have no "float" to them though now :)

  2. midlife_swimmer,

    Guess I'll stick with my Speedo for now. Plus, Phelps did say that it wasn't about the suit. ;)

  3. you are an inspiration - so much activity - I am working up to it myself - slow and steady

  4. dang...good for you for swimming that long and getting all those laps in! swimming is one thing I have never been fond of!

  5. @Lauralei Properties,

    Trust me when I say that I've worked my way up to exercising so much. ;) I really enjoy it and can't believe there was a long stretch of time when I didn't move my body.


    Yeah, I try to plug away for at least an hour. One day, I'm going to work my way up to a mile and, hopefully, it won't take me two hours. ;)

  6. Yeah, you better get a new suit...I almost had a malfunction at the pool because my suit was too loose. It wasn't going to be pretty!

  7. LOL. Yeah, when you start readjusting things, it's time to make a change. :)