Saturday, April 10, 2010

Turned A Corner

I was so energized this morning. I got up and did ab work. I was going to say that a strong core is helpful for rock climbing but a strong core is good period.

I ate a champion-like breakfast: oatmeal with almond milk, cinnamon, flax seed, and a mashed banana.

As I was making a morning snack of strawberry and pineapple, I was thinking that I don't really care for strawberries by themselves but with pineapple -- yummy. Of course, I started singing Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

HER: One can have a dream, baby
HIM: Two can make that dream so real
HER: One can talk about bein' in love
HIM: Two can say how it really feels
HER: One can wish upon a star
HIM: Two can make that wish come true, yeah
HER: One can stand alone in the dark
HIM: Two can make the light shine through

It takes two, baby...
After I had climbed my second route, Patti said I think that you've turned a corner in your climbing. Patti is right. I'm more comfortable on the wall and, more importantly, I'm more conscientious.

We had so much fun today. It was an interesting dynamic because normally Patti and I or Jessica and I or Jessica and Patti will go climbing. We haven't all been together in awhile. We teased each other endlessly but, don't worry, no one got hurt. Well, I almost got hurt when I swung off of Beware of Bats but that's another story.

Route Tally for 4/10:

The Five, 5.5 (Climbed 2x's & Down Climbed 1x )
The Seven, 5.7
Sponge Bob, 5.7
Bright Idea, 5.8
Face Plant, 5.8
Hallelujah, 5.8
Rainbow Bright, 5.8
Beware of Bats, 5.9

The 5.8 by the name of Hallelujah is pretty accurate because, when I made it up to the top, that's definitely what I wanted to sing.

By the way, see that picture (the fourth one) where it looks like I'm doing a split? Wow, I didn't feel myself doing that and I can't believe that I'm that flexible now.


  1. i would like to try this someday... really would.

  2. You are so brave!! I'm terrified of heights.

  3. Beautiful 'Drea! you are on FIRE girl! So exciting the progress you seem to make each and every week.

  4. @midlife_swimmer,

    I hope that you get a chance to try rock climbing as well. I think that you would do well especially with your strength training.

    @Fattie Fatterton,

    Every now and then, I get myself in a spot on the wall and I remember how high I am but, most of the time, I'm so focused on getting up the wall that the height doesn't bother me. Patti actually had an issue with heights but she's gotten over it through rock climbing...Thanks for saying that I'm brave. :)


    Thanks. ;) I can't believe how much fun I had today and it does feel very good to get better at rock climbing.