Friday, December 24, 2010

Just About Everything I Need

According to Happiness For Dummies,which continues to stick with me, there are certain items that you really need and the rest are wants. Of course, we all know that but those shiny objects still beckon.

Humans have few actual needs -- the things that are vital to our physical survival. We need air, water, food, shelter, and a certain amount of sleep, and that's it. Everything else -- jewelry, cars, fine clothes, a vacation home, a big-screen TV...are things we want out of life. (Happiness...305)

And I do feel like I have just about everything that I need or want but here are a few items that I mull over.

  • Black Purse

  • Bodybugg

  • Digital Tire Pressure Situation

  • Ipod Touch

  • Rock Climbing Shoes

  • I love this Confession of...series; This time mall Santa is confessing and the 80-year-old says:

    Because of the physical demands of suiting up as Santa, I have to take care of my body on and off of the job. I get up everyday at 6 a.m. to walk a mile. I take vitamins, and my wife, Marilyn, fixes me balanced meals. My employer, Noerr Programs Corporation, hosts a three-day Santa University conference in July where RBSs (Real Bearded Santas) learn proper posture and sitting and breathing and techniques. I also depend on moms and dads to help me by lifting their kids onto my lap.

    In case you get in decadence mode, check out this article about 10 activities that burn the most calories.

    Happy Holidays and I hope that you have everything that you need and a lot of the stuff that you want.


    1. Bwahhaaa! I love the article - has anyone ever tried cross-country skiing for an hour? No? That's because it can't be done! Well, I guess a professional athlete could do it, but for any normal person, you ski for a couple minutes, rest, ski, rest, etc., so that an hour really only includes 20 minutes of actual skiing. It's HARD!

      I've got everything I need or want, except time enough to do everything.

      Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    2. Merry Christmas 'Drea!! I certainly have everything I need and I'm blessed beyond measure.

    3. @gingersnapper,

      Well, I have never skied so my answer is going to be *no.* :) It's the same thing with rock climbing which torches a lot of calories but you're usually zapped after about 25 minutes of climbing and zapped in less time if you're doing laps.

      I'm glad that you have all of your needs and wants met and I second that emotion about time.

      Hope that you're enjoying the holiday too.


      That's cool that you know that you're blessed beyond measure. :)

      Happy Holidays...

    4. I agree. People (most Americans) have most everything they could need and want and yet somehow want more which is symbolized by the marketing down around the holidays. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

      I hope you had a great day!

    5. sarabeck,

      Yeah, I think we all get sucked into the *want* machine -- to the point that it's hard to distinguish needs and wants...

      By the way, you are welcome to get on your soapbox at any time. ;)