Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Decided to take a vacation day to double my weekend because, you know, two days are not enough and, really, four leaves me longing for the next vacation.

I had my eye on the pool and was set to rendezvous with Hazira right around the time the pool opens. Hazira was getting her shopping groove on and was running a little behind so I left a message letting her know that I was headed in the direction of the water.

Flip flops, check. Sun screen, check. Goggles, check. Gate to the pool? Locked. I swiped the magic magnetic card but the gate didn't give. Yet, I saw three boys on the other side although they didn't make a move to let me in.

Finally a woman appeared to say that, because of the holiday, the pool is closed. What? She also told the boys that they needed to get out of the pool. I should have jumped the fence too. How lame to close the pool on July 5th.

When I have my mind set on something, I'm not usually deterred. Plan B involved going to a recreation center about 15 minutes away from the first pool. Thanks to Hazira for accompanying me even though she didn't really feel like it and thanks for paying the entrance fee. ☺

After swimming I dropped Hazira off, made a pit stop then headed to yoga. The regular teacher, Jaime, inquired about Kate, the sub, then proceeded to talk about not comparing ourselves to others while doing yoga. He also said that poses might seem difficult at first but with relaxation and patience etc., we'll be able to get into those poses eventually. Relaxation and patience -- a lesson that I've been hearing a lot about lately...

We used the wall for back work and it felt good. It seemed like we were making letters with our legs. I kept thinking of Sesame Street. Is there a muppet that's into letters or am I thinking about Count von Count?

Reenactment: Butt against the wall. Legs are joined together first then separated. Felt really good.

One leg stands alone but the "standing" leg eventually joins the one on the floor for a twisted situation. Om.

Hope your holiday weekend was enjoyable...


  1. I love the legs on the wall position. That's usually the default start position for the restorative class I take.
    And on Sesame Street, at one point Cookie Monster had a "Letter of the Day" segment.

  2. Mich,

    I loved it too and I need to remember that I can do these moves at home since I'm often in need of restoration. ;)

    Thanks for the Sesame Street data...