Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Tandem "Yes"

Leah, Patti and I were climbing yesterday when one of the lifeguards approached me with a yellow piece of paper. I searched through my mind to figure out what I had done.

Did I take my brake hand off the rope?

I was totally confused and could barely hear Matt when he said, You're on the waiting list for the lead climbing class. Do you want to sign up?

Before I could open my mouth, there's a tandem Yes from Leah and Patti.

What they said, I tell Matt and, before I lose my nerve, I sign up for the July 13th class instead of the one deeper in the month.

Really, how do I get myself into these things? I know what you're thinking -- Leah and Patti...

Self-doubt crept into my mind and I followed the feeling and figured out that I still feel clumsy on the wall. Never mind that I climb 5.9's these days and that July 6th was one of the best outings that I've had in a while since my climbing felt more controlled and relaxed and I felt more secure.

There is anxiety around not doing well in the class. I finally told myself that it's a class and classes are to provide instruction.

The other issue? I continue to compare myself to others. Didn't my yoga teacher just advise against that the other day?

In addition, what probably got my heart rate pumping was actually watching a part of the class the last time they had it AND having to sign an additional waiver to say that lead climbing is inherently more dangerous than top roping...

Route Tally for July 6th:

  • Spring Cleaning, 5.6

  • Spring Cleaning, 5.6

  • Spring Cleaning, 5.6 (Down Climbed)

  • Baby Steps, 5.8

  • Best Flavor, 5.8

  • Buena Vista, 5.9

  • Dig In, 5.9

  • Ghost, 5.9

  • Paranoid Troglodyte, 5.9

  • Static Report, 5.9

  • Leah leading climbing -- figures out the crux

    Patti takes on the route that Leah lead


    1. Wow, that's exciting! I'm so glad they bullied you into it :)

    2. gingersnapper,

      I'm so hoping that I'll be able to tap into my reservoir of relaxation. Patti swears that it's going to be fun...