Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When The Student Is Ready

Having worked my abs yesterday, it made perfect sense that we did ab-related postures during yoga class; that's just the way my life works.

It took me a while to settle down too but I totally enjoyed the lion pose. We did the Mountain pose modification with tongues hanging out like Michael Jordan when we roared.

During corpse pose, the instructor talked about feeling the benefits of yoga and how we were in the perfect position for relaxation. Yeah, I ruminated on that comment and plan to get in the perfect position often.

After yoga, I went with my friend Lori to get baked falafel. As we enjoyed our dinner, we got chatted up by a yoga teacher (Michael) who was reading the Anatomy of Hatha Yoga. I may or may not go to one of his Hatha classes and he may or may not go rock climbing with me.

I swung by Whole Paycheck after dinner looking for spelt flour and I honestly didn't know there were so many flours: coconut, amaranth, soy and arrowroot...

I also needed tahini but left the $8.00 + jar of organic tahini on the shelf. I know an international store where I can get it for much less.

Line of the night by way of Michael from his yoga teacher:

Americans like to work out -- not work in

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