Monday, January 26, 2015

The Liaison

Went to meditative flow yesterday and Joy talked the talk for almost 60 minutes. She talked about abundance vs. lack -- how we get up in the morning saying that we didn't get enough sleep and how we go to bed at night saying that we didn't get enough done etc.

Joy also spoke about doing what you were meant to do (frequent theme) -- not what your friends or parents think you should do.

She went on to discuss the extraordinariness of an ordinary life...

Liked a lot of what she said yesterday -- Sometimes our minds need permission to get quiet and Our well-being has been prepaid. 

Joy ended the class with You are enough. You matter -- a concept that most of us know but need to have reaffirmed occasionally.

I went back for more today. It was a full house as it has been for this month of free classes and I'm totally digging the energy of 55 plus students in class.

The breath is the liaison between the mind and the body is a concept that caught my attention tonight along with cultivating peace one second at a time.

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