Friday, January 2, 2015

Second Time Around

Felt like Shauna, the former Diet Girl, when I started picking random DVDs and doing a Dust-Off of sorts. There were DVDs that I hadn't even opened. Took off the cellowrap on Dance Off The Inches: Dance It Off and firm up! and I was surprised by how much I liked it. Hardly make it past the first segment, The Rocket Dance, anymore. Love that routine.

Pretty sure that my enthusiasm for the Dance It Off DVD has to do with the Zumba classes that stuck the second time around...

Took the day off because I knew that I wouldn't want to face work after New Year's Day. And what did I do? Washed clothes and went to my barber to get a fresh lining so that I won't totally look like a rafamuffin.

My barber told me that it would be the last haircut since she is in an area that is being revitalized. Despite being in the same place for 20 years, her landlord didn't want to lease to her again. That made me a bit sad but she seems ready to move on even though she's not sure what her next move will be.  I told her to stay in touch...

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