Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dreamcatcher At The Door

Small Terranium at Hot Pot Smoothie
Headed to the 'Fugee's to pick her up after work yesterday for part two of her birthday gift -- a session with an intuitive healer.

As soon I entered the ramp on the highway, had to come to a screeching halt. Looked like something was on fire but someone had lost a bag of concrete or something and when the bag hit the ground there was cloudy smoke everywhere...

The healer had told me that her house was beyond a water tower but it was a strange street with barely visible addresses on mailboxes at the curb.

Pulled into the driveway but still wasn't sure we were at the right house until I spotted the dreamcatcher at the door and the crystals all around the deck.

The 'Fugee and I got good vibes from the healer right away.

The plan was to leave the 'Fugee for her session then come back for the 30 minute reading afterward...

Thought that I would have enough time to hit TJ Maxx, Target and, possibly, Bit Lots. In reality, I had forgotten my money at home so I headed to an ATM. Turned left before the GPS told me to and exclaimed out loud when I came within spitting distance of a deer. I have never been that close to a deer and can still see the deer glancing in my direction.

It's been ages since I've had an almost accident let alone two in one day.

Had also planned to go and get us dinner at Hot Pot Smoothie. Little did I know that so many others had planned to do the same thing. There was no way that I would make it back for the intuitive's reading so I texted 'The Fugee even though I knew that she had turned her phone off and I just took my time and told myself that my presence at the reading must not have been meant to be but the intuitive was nice and she waited.

After The 'Fugee's session was over we headed to her home, ate then watched Pride. We were both sleepy as all get out but managed to stay awake for the 120 minutes of the flick.

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