Thursday, January 15, 2015


Is it Thursday? Hard to tell. Feel like I'm in a time warp. Yesterday, we shut down the computers at work and put our cords in a red bag.

It was hard to believe how much stuff I inherited and accumulated. I was exhausted yesterday and, today, I racked up about 8,000 steps before I left work.

My packing soundtrack was Gladys Knight. Kept singing Neither One Of Us and The Way We Were. It was strange to see the joint disassembled but I was still surprised by my pensiveness.

Learned a very powerful lesson as the clock ticked and I tried to squash panic while looking at all the crap on my office floor. There were so many things that I should have thrown away so long ago. Couldn't believe some of the stuff that I filed away and never looked at again. Serious uncluttering is going to be a project at home too...

See You On The Fin Side
Red Tag, First Floor
So Fascinating All Of A Sudden
On another note, I remember watching this reality show and the contestants went to New Orleans. I was shocked when I saw a billboard that said Thou shall not kill. Starting to think we need one of those signs in St. Louis. Last night was awful...

The 'Fugee and I went to have coffee after work. I had some lavender mocha situation. Couldn't resist and since I knew that I'd be going to Zumba, didn't care that I downed a savory beverage. At 15,974 steps right now...

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