Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outside Of A Locked Yoga Studio

Went to FriYay! yoga with one of my colleagues. Also saw the first lady of the First Couple of Yoga.

My colleague kept on me to stay on task at work so that we could get to the class at a respectable time so I found it very funny that I got there way before she did.

While my colleague signed in, I got her mat and made a nest complete with a blanket and block and joked with her about all the things that I'd done while waiting on her.

The joint was packed again.

The payoff of a packed class is the yummy energy that's created. At the end of our practice, we sang OM three times then said shanti the same amount of times. The teacher, Liz, said that if anyone felt uncomfortable with the "chanting" that they could opt out.

The OM chorus is always interesting. You have people who hold the note for a short time and the ones who can really hold it which usually gives me goose bumps.

There are times when I wonder if I'm exaggerating the effects of yoga but since I've been going more often, I feel like I have a sparkle in my heart again. Feel like I should do yoga every day or at least every other day.

Unlike Gingerzingi, I haven't been listening to podcasts regularly since I usually listen to them while I'm walking and there hasn't been any walking going on but I did take time to listen to an On Being episode, A Wild Love For the World, featuring Joanna Macy. Love it when she said But this moment you're alive; so you can just dial up the magic at any time...

I need to hear sentiments like this one...

I also read a book on the books that will make you happier list. Sandra Tsing Loh had me cracking up when she wrote:
My sister is having yet another of her amazing Pema Chodron days.
And this is where I'm at in my life -- I think references to Chodron are funny. I also had to shake my head as I stood outside of a locked yoga studio with the teacher waiting on my colleague.


  1. Cindy loves Andrea
    That sparkle in your heart is beautiful

  2. The sparkle in my heart salutes the sparkle in yours. :)