Tuesday, January 13, 2015

There's A Way

Room to Spread Out
The agency where I work is moving.

I deal with three sets of people and I'm on the phone a lot which means opportunities to pack have been slim but the pressure was on today because, well, the movers arrive tomorrow.

Racked up close to 5,000 steps as I tried to organize and get rid of stuff that should have been gotten rid of a long time ago. It felt good too. Kept thinking about that line from the Kite Runner movie: there's a way to be good again. Can't remember if that was a movie quote or if it was in the book too but...
Found an unopened box of strawberry Pocky and a bar of chocolate that had expired in 2006. Typically, if someone gifts me chocolate, especially milk chocolate, and I don't feel like explaining that I won't be indulging, I put it in my desk drawer but I forgot to share this time. Kind of. When I got ready to pitch the chocolate, my next door neighbor wanted to taste it. She's the same one who told me that my expired pear crisps were probably good. She said that the chocolate wasn't bad. Not fresh but not stale either...

Went swimming tonight -- the perfect Rx for my frazzled brain. Plus, it's just nice to get away from land-based exercises and, bonus, there were only a handful of people at the pool.

Went to the store after swimming and scored another Siggi's.


  1. I hope you're moving to a nicer place. Maybe with some windows.

  2. Yes, we have lots of windows!!! Goodbye bunker...