Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Went to Joy of Yoga last night and it was like a rock concert. There were so many people that I almost left but I'm glad that I stayed. It was noisy until Joy spoke and everyone got quiet and the hush was amazing.

Joy talked about how phenomenal our bodies are, including the 23,000 breaths that we take per day...

I have a pair of thermal underwear that I cannot find. One of my coworkers told me that Aldi had them on sale. There was an abundance of kid sizes but not much else.

Headed to Family Dollar and Big Lots. The woman at Big Lots started laughing. She said there were some left but not a lot. No luck there either.

Headed home, ate dinner and headed to the pool. That first lap felt so good.

Got out of the water after an hour. When I got out, the remaining women in the pool got out too which made for a traffic jam in the locker room.

Took a shower and, later, put my head under the hand dryer since I have more hair than I've had in a while and it takes longer for it to dry.

Told the lifeguard about my thermal dilemma. She says that she keeps her winter stuff in a container. Told her she was smart but she said that she couldn't find the container which made me laugh. She did tell me that Kmart always has thermal underwear so I headed to Kmart and got what I was looking for.

Now, I feel the need to stay up later than I usually do because everything is in disarray. I cannot even find my Netflix sleeve.


  1. "I have a pair of thermal underwear that I cannot find" sounds like the title to a poem. Or a lengthy philosophical dissertation - if you cannot find them, do you really "have" them?

    I'm glad you have more hair than usual; you will need it to keep warm! I'm wearing a hat today.

    p.s. do you want me to send back that movie? I assumed you have your own copy.

  2. LOL. No, I don't have them...

    No need to send the movie back unless it annoyed you so much that you need it out of your presence. ;)