Sunday, January 4, 2015

More and More

When Gloria said "If you have on socks or a jacket, you might want to take it off," I knew what was up and mentally prepared myself for sun salutations.

Gloria was like "This is the Ashtanga sun salutation. This is the Sivananda sun salutation." I said a silent prayer that there were no more versions.

The room was cold but the sun salutations definitely provided heat.

Went from Gloria's class, along with Alison, to another studio, Joy of Yoga, whose owner is offering free yoga for the entire month of January. I believe the free month is to celebrate the studio's one year anniversary. Because of the generous offer the studio, which is beautiful and spacious, was packed with about 60 folks -- many of whom arrived late.

I like how Joy talked about finding your true dharma and, before that, calming all of us down by acknowledging that some of us might be wondering what we were doing in a strange studio with strangers. Joy's class was called meditative flow. I'm starting to enjoy slow flow yoga more and more...

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