Saturday, December 17, 2016

Stay Home If You Can

Had our annual holiday party at work and we were allowed to leave at 3:00 p.m. but I left about 3:30 after attending to something that couldn't wait then headed to the 'Fugee's sister's to pick up her keys. Noticed that the precipitation was freezing on my window but didn't think much about as I hadn't heard about any advisories but not too long after I arrived at the 'Fugee's sisters, the 'Fugee's nephew called his sister to see if she could find an alternate route for him but when she pulled up Google Maps, every route was congested. Ice...

Turkish Coffee While Waiting for Road Conditions to Improve
We listened to the forecast and the meteorologists and the department of transportation were urging people to stay home ALL weekend.

Stayed with the 'Fugee's family for three hours then carefully made my way to the car and slowly made my way home as did everyone else that was on the road. There was not a daredevil to be found on Friday night.

There was a window of opportunity this morning before more weather hit at noon so I headed to the store and stopped by the 'Fugees. As I checked her mail, I could feel someone, energetically, behind me -- a neighbor checking to see if the 'Fugee is okay and wanting to know if she left because of the election; she did not.

I did get in a short walk before noon but, otherwise, I've been in the house all day. Because I didn't have much time to mull over cooking options, I opted to gather ingredients for the simple tofu stir-fry below. Also bought ingredients for a veggie quiche. What else did I do? A bit of tidying up, a bit of yoga, a bit of reading...

Doubled The Tofu
I've been thinking about people who've been able to execute great ideas, including Alyssa Ravasio and Trevor Tice, the founder of Core Power Yoga, who was recently found dead. Someone on Twitter said that the latter event sounded like a job for Matt Bolster.

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