Thursday, December 29, 2016

Inside Of Me

I got caught selling drugs in an intense dream that I had last night.

I have been thinking about money but I also think it was a conversation that I had with a colleague about her ex-boss who got caught embezzling that set the stage for that dream.

When I got discovered selling drugs, I told myself -- You thought you had money problems; now you really have problems...

Before yoga on Monday, Alison handed me a necklace. I had forgotten all about the Shiva Lingams that we'd picked up at the Crystal Festival back in September.

When I saw the necklace, talisman popped into my head. Alison told me that she could adjust the placement of the charms and put them all at the bottom but I like them where they are...

I am finishing up Downtown Abbey, Do Your Om Thing and I just finished watching Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. I have enjoyed them all.

Still thinking about Carrie Fischer and Debbie Reynolds. Am I surprised? No. My great aunt and her daughter died hours apart. Life is beautiful, very weird and hard etc.

I feel like there's a little minimalist inside of me. Now, I just need to unearth that little one so that no one needs to deal with my clutter when I'm gone.


  1. Happy New Year, 'Drea. I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling 2017, and do NOT get arrested for drugs or embezzlement. I think your chances are good :-D

  2. LOL,thanks for the vote of confidence. I hope that you have a wonderful 2017 too. Happy New Year...